Big Liberty is moving to!! Update your Links!!

Hi all,

As of Friday, Big Liberty will be moving from to That’s right, my own domain name! <<sniffle>> 🙂

After a month or two, Big Liberty will then be moving to its own host, which will feature an FA forum, in the same spirit of the forums at Big Fat Blog, which will be going dark within the year.

I’ll keep everyone updated here and at Big Fat Blog as to when the forums will be going live.


New Co-blogger: AnnieMcPhee

I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to my new co-blogger, the witty, well-read, well-reasoned, well-endowed AnnieMcPhee!

AnnieMcPhee is a long time fat activist blogger (of the blog Boombatti), and was one of the main people who encouraged me to start the Fat Liberation feed. Her main blog is Purely Politics. Partisan? Perhaps. She’s a soul-sister, soul-mate, and soul-fattie.

Welcome, AnnieMcPhee! 🙂

One Year of Big Liberty

That’s right, it’s my one-year anniversary. Well, sort of. I kinda missed it (it was three days ago).

However, we can still celebrate. It’s been one interesting journey, which I was glad to undertake, and which I hope to continue for a long time.

Big Liberty was my first ever blog. Now I’m the main author of three blogs, two feeds, and I contribute to another blog. Big Liberty is my only anonymous blog, and I plan to keep it that way.

As of today this blog has 52,785 hits. Wowzah! Several times during the early days of the blog I got on the top 10 list of growing wordpress blogs.

My most popular post of all time:

Coming in at 1,882 hits is my post Fat Wedding, Part 4: “The Bride Wore Very Little.” A quote:

Again, there’s the sense that one has to “get in shape for her gown,” rather than, yanno, buying a dress that fits. Have we so ritualized the wedding day that the wedding dress has become more like a priest’s robe a woman must fast and self-harm in order to earn?

My Favorite Posts

1. The Tall Epidemic

If the Tall Epidemic’s health concerns (see above), as terrifying as those correlated with the Obesity Epidemic, were given as much attention as those of the latter, surgeons would be proposing procedures which have been shown to cause great long-term difficulties to the patient but have the (at least temporary) effect of reducing the evil toxic fat (like bariatric surgery, lap-band insertion, liposuction, electrical shocking of the hippocampus). These potential surgeries could include leg-bone shortening, bariatric surgery in young children to reduce the nutritional absorption from food so that their growth is stunted, electrical shocking of the area of the brain that releases the hormone involved with height, imposed osteoporosis so that bones become more brittle and result in an effective shortening of a few inches, and so forth.

2. Moral Panics, Moral Crusades, and the Obesity Folk Devil

I’m positing a possible catalyst to the “Obesity Epidemic” moral panic and the “War on Obesity” moral crusade: an aging population who is afraid to die, and are desperately seeking a Fountain of Youth for both themselves and their children. Weight gain is associated with increasing age (at least until about 60-65), and that’s right about where the Baby Boomer generation is, now.

3. Fat Discrimination Inevitable in the Next Presidency

A fat acceptance activist would be hypocritical to support any of these candidates, given their anti-FA beliefs about fat, obesity, and required government intervention. Furthermore, there is every indication that they would vigorously promote those same anti-FA beliefs, spending tax dollars on ignorant and biased programs that would only serve to in one way or another harm future generations of Americans.

4. BeingGirl – For Girls, By Liars

Note – the site was changed/discontinued after a few posts in the Fat Community (including this one). Huzzah!

“BeingGirl: For girls, by girls,” a site hosted by Proctor & Gamble, is one of those places that draws in teenage girls with cutesy graphics and shitty writing (by the staff), and better writing which populates the rest of the site (posts by the girls themselves). Some of the posts are heartbreaking, and the articles themselves (esp. the ones concerning weight) are filled with virulent lies, and ‘methods’ of weight-reduction which read like a pro-ana site.

5. Dealing with Life in a Fat-phobic Society

Fat-phobia is omni-political. One political group does not discriminate or hate fat people more than another. Some so-called Progressives and left liberals consider fat people to be a representation of the materialistic, consumption-obsessed dynamic they despise. Some so-called libertarians believe fat is voluntary and fat people will somehow increase the tax burden. Some so-called conservatives believe fat is synonymous with anti-Christian gluttony, and is therefore undesirable. Some fascists believe if fat people had their diets and behavior properly controlled and directed, they would no longer be fat.

6. Why Universal Healthcare Should Be Opposed by Fat Activists

This one’s close to my heart, especially since it seems to have been a bit prophetic.

As such, the individuals appointed to regulate healthcare and hence our bodies will be appointed ultimately by politicians. More likely politicians will “contract out” appointments to whatever healthcare organization lobbies the hardest, or has the most friends amongst the Washington elite.

When it comes down to it, the people who have the power to control your body, and by extension your behavior, will be those who crave the greatest power they can get, and will appeal to the electoral body and the misconceptions and fears of that electoral body for healthcare decisions about your body.

Here’s to another year! Laugh, love, and fight the good fight!

UK Readers – Sign fat parental rights petition

richie79, a regular poster on the Big Fat Blog messageboards and a commenter here, has successfully created a petition to win back parental rights for fat people. I’ve quoted his post below, where he describes the petition and provides the link. Please help him out, and get your UK friends to sign, too!

I’ve never used the No.10 Downing Street petition system for anything, but the case of the Halls in Leeds got me thinking about whether I could turn this system (which based on searches for the O-word is most often used by bigots to campaign for stripping fat people of various rights) to our advantage.

Lo and behold the powers-that-be have approved my petition to repeal / ban any laws, guidelines and policies which deny fat people the same adoption, reproductive and parenting rights that are enjoyed by those who happen to be thin. The blurb focuses on adoption (grrr to 1000-character limits!) but the title is intended to be non-specific and covers Social Services policies for taking fat children into care and the blanket ban on IVF for women whose BMI is over 30.

If you’re in the UK (or an overseas expatriate) you can add your ‘signature’ to the petition to ‘ensure the right to family life’ for our fat brothers and sisters. I’m not under any illusions that it will make much difference, but 200 signatures normally generates a full-page response from the Prime Minister’s office – that alone would make an interesting read!

It’s open for six months (until July 22nd) and you can use an alias or pseudonym to sign provided you supply a valid UK address (which won’t be displayed). That data isn’t held by the British Government but in encrypted form by the politically neutral charity which administers the site.

Make your voices heard! Vote for Junkfood Science

It’s that time of year again — time to vote for the top Weblogs of 2008.

This year Junkfood Science has made the list of finalists for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog of 2008. This is going to be a heated contest, so every vote counts!

Please repost this entry in your own blog, and get the word out!

Polls open in four days and close Monday January 12, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. (EST).

Please do your part to help JFS win this year’s award, which it so deeply deserves for its tireless analysis and praiseworthy ethic.