Answers to All My Wedding Questions! – Part 2 Disclaimer: to get a sense of TheWeddingChannel’s approach to “bridal fitness,” take a gander at this page, which features the timeless introductory anecdote: “They’re coming. Somewhere on the planning calendar between This Engagement Party and That Bridal Shower, fittings for that big, dreamy dress will be scheduled. And if you’re like most brides, you’d […]

Biggest Losers?

My supervisor casually mentioned the other day that there was a “Biggest Loser” contest, and I had no idea what she meant at first. Then I realized – the company is having a diet competition. Well I simply said “Oh, I wouldn’t be interested in that,” which she already knows very well. She tried to […]

One Year of Big Liberty

That’s right, it’s my one-year anniversary. Well, sort of. I kinda missed it (it was three days ago). However, we can still celebrate. It’s been one interesting journey, which I was glad to undertake, and which I hope to continue for a long time. Big Liberty was my first ever blog. Now I’m the main […]