Invisiphilia, Part Six – Holidays

This is the sixth installment of my poem in several parts, “Invisiphilia: An Epic.” For an introduction to the piece, please read Part One.

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Invisiphilia: An Epic

◊ ◊ ◊


Christmas came, a riot of our
happy memories.
Brother got a camera, and I
got some new CDs.
Daddy got a diet, and I
got a diet too—

“Do it just like this and they will
want to look like you!
Talent gets you far but it can’t
win you true success;
Riches, friends, and fam’lies grow
the smaller your dress gets.
Don’t you want to see the sun stream
right between your thighs?”

…I didn’t, in particular.

If I’m skinny, maybe he will
hear me when I sing;
If I’m skinny, maybe he will
want the love I bring;
If I’m skinny, maybe he won’t
leave before I’m grown—

I got skinny. Daddy moved down
south to his new home.

◊ ◊ ◊

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