Quick Hit: Fat People Can’t Be Trusted

If you haven’t seen this video yet, WATCH IT NOW. Really. It’s awesome, I swear.

Thin people dress in fat suits not to validate the fat experience, but to mock and eliminate it. Really, I don’t think there’s any other reason. If they’re bad-intentioned, it’s to mock, if they’re good-intentioned, it’s to suggest costuming and playing at something is the same as being something, hence eliminating the true experience of fatness.

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4 comments on “Quick Hit: Fat People Can’t Be Trusted

  1. Such a valid point. Just more evidence of our fatophobic society. When will we start being judged based on who we are and not by some fabricated standard that nobody really meets.

  2. Jackie Yoshi says:

    The reason the fat suits make people look like they have chins made of Play-Doh, is that they usually are made from a rubber mold. So for all purposes, it kind of is molded Play-Doh. It’s beyond absurd the crappy fat suits people come up with. I think this has been said in FA circles before, but thin people wearing tfat suits, is like a White person performing Blackface. The fat suit is just the most recent incarnation of the minstrel show.

  3. zaftigwendy says:

    Totally Yes Exactly THIS! They look totally weird and fake and they move like they’re made of rubber (cuz they are) and it’s totally insulting! I’m an Actual Fat Person and if they want to find out what it’s like being fat, I’m available to be asked.

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