On What Isn’t Ground-Breaking

A fat person, or former fat person, buying into the ‘healthy weight’ mysticism is not ground-breaking.

In fact? It’s downright mainstream.

A fat person, or former fat person, blaming themselves for how our culture (mis)treats fat people and (mis)characterizes the fat experience is not ground-breaking. We are (mis)fits, after all, in that we are outliers, living in a world built for those who are smaller than we are. Self-blame for nonconformity is such a normal social response that it hasn’t seen a ground-breaking since Genesis.

A fat person, or a former fat person, coveting the higher status granted by a smaller pants-size is such a foundational part of our culture that it supports a $60 billion-dollar (and growing) industry, not to mention providing employment for bored pseudo-science journos, teevee doctors, washed up celebrities, professional snarks, and any dieter in possession of a word processor.

In summary: trashing a lifestyle you fear and failed at (body acceptance) while giving lipservice to some kind of bullshit concern for others under the guise of promoting venerable Healthistic ideals and body-driven moral imperatives isn’t ground-breaking.

It’s the same old bullshit. And the attempt to Trojan-horse fat-hate and body-shaming into HAES and FA/SA circles? Obvious. The people convinced to lose weight by a former/current fatty peddling body shame are the same people who currently subscribe to the yo-yo-diet-a-month club, anyhow. Welcome to the cannibalistic nature of the diet culture: compared to that, was body acceptance really so bad?

3 comments on “On What Isn’t Ground-Breaking

  1. Thanks for this. (Well, thanks for this blog, really.:) Fat/former fat people (but not for long!) don’t seem to get…we have heard this all before. We have said it before and we will say it again…not in our space.

    Again, we have the idea that *both* ends of the spectrum are unhealthy ideals. By this, they mean fat acceptance at one extreme and diet culture on the other. But as I’ve said before, the idea that FA has any kind of social influence necessary to even register on the spectrum, much less pressure people into its end, is laughable. It also falls nicely into another argument we hear too often…of course dieting or extreme thinness are bad, but OMG fatties no!

    • SunflowerP says:

      “Again, we have the idea that *both* ends of the spectrum are unhealthy ideals. By this, they mean fat acceptance at one extreme and diet culture on the other.”

      ::nod:: When fat acceptance in and of itself is an “unhealthy extreme” for (generic, obviously) you, UR DOIN IT RONG.

      There seems to be a lot of misconstruction of the implications of, “accept and love your body for what it is,” emerging lately. I don’t say, “going on lately,” because it’s clearly been going on all along, but it’s been explicated quite a bit in the past couple of weeks.


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