Fat Fiction Project – Who’s Game?

For a while now I’ve been thinking about fat characters in fiction — there’s my post about science fiction, and spoonforkfuls post in response to a comment on fat people in fiction, and a forum post on Big Fat Blog talking about fat characters in fiction (with a link to cowcake’s post about fat people in fiction).

I’m just finding my feet as a fiction writer (with respect to the rest of the world, I’ve actually written fiction basically since I learned to write). I’ve often considered doing a project comprised of short stories that are fat-positive, or that at the very least have fat characters who are portrayed in a positive light (that is, in a way that doesn’t paint them negatively because of their fatness). But I don’t have much time, considering I’ve just wrapped up one novel and am noting out about five more.

However, it would be great if there existed some blog somewhere that was a collection of fat positive short stories and podcasts to which I could submit. We could have a little writers’ forum for fat-positive writers, a section for straight text and another for audio, an a page with pictures and short bios of all the authors (who would be admins or contributors on the blog). Perhaps we could eventually add a section for fat-positive art, as well. I imagine over time we could start to take external submissions.

So my question to you is, if I create this space, would you like to contribute? If so, what level of contribution would you prefer — regular author with an account on the site, or a sometimes-contributor?

And for others — would a site like this interest you, as readers?