Fatshion Friday #2

O hai there friendly fatties, welcome to another installment of Fatshion Friday!

Last week we gazed in horror at wide striped eye-blasting sacks, strap-missing goddess-styled frankendresses, and the Beaded Purple That Shall Remain Nameless. We also gazed in appreciation at flowing scarf halter dresses, lacy vests, and delicious corsets.

This week we branch out a bit. I try to hit different retailers and styles as much as I can (though, admittedly, the styles will almost always be alternative rather than mainstream). I might hit one more than once, especially for fatshion horrors, but I’ll attempt to inject as much variety (and price points) as possible. I also try to stick to new styles and offerings rather than older or clearance items — i.e., things that are still and will be for sale.

Fatshion Horrors


I remember this from kindergarten...

What is it about this outfit that makes me tear up, freshly-cut-onion-fumes style? So many things — the tackily accented floral print, the tacky matching hobo bag, the humungous-boyfriend-shirt look that hasn’t been in since ’93, the seemingly pointless capris — are they pants or huge leggings? Why is her shirt long-sleeved yet the pants are cropped? And of course, my least favorite color purple (and, despite my last post, I actually tend to like purple. Which is probably why it hurts more when I see its shades so abused).

And oh, purple-and-pink-and-flowers, it’s just over between us. Forevvs. Sorry.

Outfit is $25 from Jessica London.

Runners up

Just sew on any old shit up there --- gotta draw the eye from the rolls!

Next is another fatshion peeve of mine — ribbed tanks, meant to fit closely and SHOCK perhaps show the existence of rolls and/or belly, with some kind of cheap metallic plastic beads loosely sewn somewhere on the bust. You see, I remember this episode of “What Not To Wear” when it was described to the ‘too-fat-for-for-plain-solids’ woman that you wanted to have that beading or some other fake medallion on the bust in order to draw the eye up from the stomach and/or other ‘problem areas.’ I find these pieces of clothing tend to be very poorly made, with the price jacked up to apparently cover the $.001 spent on shitty beads and shittier stitching. It’s ugly, it’s low-quality, and it’s fat-biased. It definitely hits a few of my Fatshion Horror points.

It’s on sale at Old Navy for $7.99 (previously $16.50).

Now you too can wear Magic Eye...

Now, I have to own up to the fact that I’m often quite frustrated with Igigi. There are a few reasons:

  1. Most of your clothes are styled the same (gathered at the upper waist/under the bust, wrapped, full skirt).
  2. One word: polyester.
  3. Two words: high prices.

The above dress is what I like to call The ‘Out-on-the-Town-Fattie’ Loud Polyester Print That Makes You Wonder if Indeed You Did Accidentally Take a Tab of Acid. It’s everywhere on plus-size clothes sites; it’s one of those fattie-staples that plus-size vendors can’t seem to get away from. And, truly, it’s not a bad style in and of itself. But the loud print, the tight 3/4’s sleeves, the copious amounts of polyester—it gets old. And for $102 (really, Igigi? Do 90 yards of eye-bleedingly-loud-printed polyester REALLY cost that much??) it’s ticking off many of my Fatshion Horror points.

Fatshion Fancies


Ah, purple, you and I can be friends at last.

Since I’ve been bashing purple left and right, it’s only fair to show off an example of how I think the color can be styled in a pleasing way. Now I’m a huge fan of black lace done right, and of shaped bodices. The above brings both together. The only thing about this dress is that I wish it had straps or a slightly different top, but since it is an eShakti dress you can customize it! Woo-hoo! The dress is part of eShakti’s new fall line, and is going for $59.95. It’s customizable as large or small as you like for an extra $10, and the standard sizes go up to 26/28W.

Runners up

Want to touch, want to wear....

The above is available at the Crimson Gypsy, up to 3XL (26/28W). It’s pricey — $200 — but I’m willing to bet it’s as well-made as it looks. I’d love to try one myself, but at this moment in life can’t scrape up that kind of dough for a bodice.

Ah, the life of a careless poet...

There are several things about this lovely dress from Making It Big which Make Me Smile. First of all I’m getting a strong Renaissance Poet vibe, aren’t you? Secondly, the color isn’t too bright—it’s strong without being overpowering. Thirdly, the black stripe accents are tasteful and interesting. Fourthly, the shape is lovely. Fifthly (hee), the back lacing is an interesting touch. It’s a bit pricey for a largely rayon blend at $125, but it’s available in a size 1X (22W) through 5X (34/36W).

4 comments on “Fatshion Friday #2

  1. w8tymatters says:

    Can I first admit to a wee bit of envy when I read that you remembered that first purple monstrosity from kindergarten, when I remembered it from my 20s? 😉

    I love, love, love that Making it Big dress, and despite the fact that I’m the sole employed person in my household at the moment, I’m thinking I may need to order it. (By the way, I must highly recommend Making it Big. Yes, their items tend to be higher-priced, but they have high quality clothing, mostly made in the USA using natural fibers, and they use a wide range of truly plus-sized models. I’ve been purchasing clothing from them since the late 80s, and I’ve never been disappointed. )

    Have you ever purchased anything from eShakti? I’ve considered having something custom made in a larger size, but I’ve been wanting to hear some opinions from others who’ve had a positive experience with the company.

    • silentbeep says:

      Lesley at Fatshionista.com freaking loves eShakti. She always praises them for making good quality, fashionable dresses in custom sizes. I don’t remember her size exactly (I think 26? if i recall correctly from her place). I think she’s written a bit about eShakti and has posted pictures of herself in eShakti dresses too.

  2. Fat Academic says:

    I wish with all my might that eShakti shipped to Australia. I emailed them about it and they are apparently trying to workout a way to ship to Australia without charging an arm and a leg. My husband is going to hate it when they start shipping my way because i covet so many eShakti dresses!

  3. pezzdemon says:

    Crimson Gypsy does make wonderful bodices. I have a skirt from them and my father and I got my sister an entire ‘wench’ outfit from them for Christmas a few years ago. Great quality but yes very pricey.

    And eShakti is decent. The one shirt I’ve bought from them so far was alright on the quality aspect, but they do carry a whole range of sizes! From 0-26w which is rather refreshing all things considered.

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