Fat People Didn’t Exist in History

Except that, well, they did.

Here’s a picture of my great-grandparents and their kids (my grandpa is the little boy on the right):

My body type is extremely similar to my great-grandmother’s on the left, and I looked like the girl in the middle when I was a little girl.

So much for no fat people in history (this photo is about 100 years old).

6 comments on “Fat People Didn’t Exist in History

  1. Ms. Moran says:

    I had a similar realization today, only mine was in the dressing room of an 18th century lady.

  2. fatbodied says:

    My mother and her sisters and I always joke that we come from good hearty peasant stock, as all of the old pictures of the women in our family look just like us – built for hard labor in the fields!

  3. Fat Academic says:

    That is a stunning picture and I could immediately see the resemblance between you and your relatives!

  4. jeanc38 says:

    Yup! I’ve seen pictures of my great grandmothers when they were younger and they were larger ladies, as were my grandmother and her sisters.

  5. […] ook hier en (as jy nog baie verder in die verlede wil terug […]

  6. fattyfair says:

    The same in my family 🙂

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