Fatshion Friday #1

Welcome to Big Liberty’s first Fatshion Friday!

So let’s get right into it, shall we? Because I have stumbled across some truly trying fatshion horrors and truly tremendous fatshion fancies to share with you all.

First, let’s enumerate what I typically consider a “Fatshion Horror”:

  1. Sack-like, shapeless garment. Esp. if sacks aren’t in season.
  2. Anything specifically constructed/worn in order to cover up ‘problem areas’
  3. Loud, crazy prints that look either like grandma’s wallpaper or an elephant painted them
  4. Pointless clothing. This includes pointless ruffles, beading, etc meant to ‘trick’ the eye away from ‘problem areas’
  5. Terrible materials in an otherwise nice-looking piece (read: most of Igigi’s dresses)

Fatshion Horrors

Winner of the Week


The above dress hits points 1, 2, and 3 nicely. You have the obvious sack-like nature of the garment, pointless and unshapely sleeves, and a ridiculous print that, if ever in fashion, wasn’t in fashion anywhere close to this decade.



Sometimes the Goddess Toga style can look good. Sometimes it just looks like you forgot to attach the other strap. To me, it all comes down to proper draping. Apparently the designers at Avenue disagree, having pumped out this monstrosity.

Blinded by too much gauzy purple! GAH!

A couple points on this one. First — HOLY PURPLE, BATMAN! Second — where the hell are the rest of the sleeves? I’ve heard of 3/4 sleeves, but 7/8 sleeves? Third — is a ‘front V’ part on the skirt EVER attractive? Fourth — BLINDED BY PURPLE! Fifth — is this supposed to be clothing for someone around the age of the model and, truly, under the age of 85? Because the last time I saw that gauzy beaded sack design work was on a flapper, and that was closing in on 100 years ago, my friend. Sixth — I ATED THE PURPLE BERRIES! UGHHH…TASTES LIKE….BURNING…!

Fatshion Fancies

Winner of the Week

Okay, I’m just going to wipe that drool puddle off the floor…just hang on a sec…there we go. So this dress makes me tingle largely because of its brilliant silhouette. For a pear like me, you just can’t get better than a fitted bust and a tiered flow from there on down. The halter is a nice touch as well.

Runners up

Hai Avenue? Make mor of the abuv, plz.

What do I like about this black, lacy, zip-up vest? Well, it’s black—and lacy—and zip-up. What could stand to be improved? I’d prefer a silver zipper rather than gold. To me black lace and gold don’t go together (except in 1991).

Oh, hai corset. I think I’m in love. Uh, with the corset of course, not the lady! (okay, a little bit with the lady…getting a strong Christine Daae vibe, rowr) Goes up to 48D. I don’t really know how to purchase corsets…do you just purchase your bra size? I’d love to try this puppy out.

16 comments on “Fatshion Friday #1

  1. Miriam Heddy says:

    Damn, that thing with the two stripes is seriously ugly. And yes, the purple thing is also very grandmother of the bride, but with a strangely revealing hemline (that I think could potentially work, but not on that dress.)

    The black patterned dress you like… I like the bottom of it, but the top of it strikes me as odd. It looks like it’s backwards (like I’m looking at the back of the halter top).

    And yeah–gold zippers are not something I’d wear.

    I hear a lot of people in the Fatosphere saying negative things about black clothing (I guess because it’s pushed on us as “slimming”). But I adore black because it’s goth, practical (stains don’t show as much, which is great if you’ve got kids and or are klutzy with coffee), and in NYC, you look like you belong and are ready for anything (formal or informal).

    • bigliberty says:

      Yeah, I’d prefer the halter on the scarf dress was a bit better-looking—instead of attaching from the middle attaching from the sides, for instance.

      I like black clothing, and not because it’s ‘something fatties are supposed to wear.’ I do completely understand the backlash against it, which is also why I don’t expect everyone to agree with my Points of Fatshion Horror, but I like it because it’s easy to style and put together, and it goes with everything—which is the same reason my thin friend likes black. 😉

  2. I actually like loud, crazy designs and colors, but not if they are designed to cover up “problem areas,” which is usually the case.

    My favorite clothes are still Goth, though, and maybe it’s just me, but Goth is actually sort of fat-friendly already. Moreso than the clothes sold at Express anyway.

  3. By the way, when shopping for corsets, try getting one a size bigger than what you would wear in any other top, because you have to lace them and tighten them up after. Also, you do need to know your bra size. Happy shopping.:)

    • bigliberty says:

      Hmm, that’s interesting, I’ve seen some sites which say you should by a size smaller in a corset. Ugh, I wish I could just try some on! I hate the idea of order a $50 – $150 item of clothing and having it not fit. 😛

      • Generally, if you want to look thinner, then you should buy a size smaller because you get more hourglass shape. But since looking thinner is not really a concern for me or for anyone else here, and since I personally like to be able to bend over and breathe, I choose a size bigger.

        It also depends on how you lace it. Believe it or not, corset lacing is an art.:)

  4. April D says:

    See I kinda liked the goddess style dress until I looked at the top again and found myself wondering what was up with the missing strap. If the top was a bit diagonal or just anything short of looking like an empire waisted thing with one normal strap and one bare arm then maybe it would look better?

    And I LOVE that scarf dress. I am thrilled looking at all the awesome stuff over at the Pyramid collection now so thanks for that new shopping local!! 😀

    • bigliberty says:

      Hey, cheers! I love the Pyramid collection, I really do. One of my favorite dresses in the whole wide world is from there. I had to alter the top somewhat, but that’s just because I basically wear two different sizes, smaller on top, bigger on bottom.

  5. vesta44 says:

    The first dress has raglan sleeves and is too big for the mannequin, that’s why the sleeves look odd. Now, if those color block stripes had been done on the diagonal, and add a belt of either black or to match one of the stripes, it might actually be passable.
    I like purple, but that dress – umm, no. Now the top part of the dress would be okay, with solid sleeves (not sheer sleeves) that are either short or full length (the diagonal hem is cute and would look good with black palazzo pants and a stack heel).
    I don’t think there’s any way to fix that Goddess toga style dress – maybe add the other strap and throw in a patterned shawl in a coordinating print? And make the body of the dress fuller so it drapes better.
    I like the black and gold print of the Winner of the Week, but with my rack of doom, halter dresses are out (I can’t find bras to fit, let alone a strapless bra to fit the girls). The swirly skirt on it is really cute, and if I wore dresses (and the dress had straps to cover my bra straps) I could see myself wearing it.
    That vest is cute too, and I agree, a silver zipper would look better with it than the gold one.

  6. Ms. Moran says:

    So nice to read about real fashion that relates to me. I love some of the links. Thanks. I look forward to reading more!!

  7. w8tymatters says:

    I understand your #1 rule–but I have to say, I’m much more comfortable in a “sack” than in something more fitted. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 70s, when I and many of my friends lived in hippie-dippie gauze tunics over our Levi’s. (In fact, I think that’s what I wear much of the time now!) I’ve just never been at ease in closer-fitting clothes. When I was a kid, my mom tells me I’d refuse to wear something if it was “touching me!” Apparently, that was the kiss of death for a garment in my eyes, and frankly, I still get twitchy if a piece of clothing is too confining.

    On to your garments:

    #1—Ewwww…that reminds me of the late 80s, early 90s color-blocking, polyester trend. Honestly, this is something they’re selling now?

    #2–The guys over at Project Rungay call this style a “Wilma”. IMHO, it should have gone out with the stone age!

    #3–Oh my oh my. Yikes.

    #4–I wore something like this during my brief disco-phase in the 70s. I loved it then, when I had no bust. Now that I do, I think I’d break a few decency laws if I tried to wear it. 🙂

    #5–Like it, though I probably wouldn’t wear it. Definitely would be improved by a silver, maybe bulkier, zipper.

    #6–Wow! That’s really a showstopper! I would probably never wear anything quite like that, though I do wear a corseted vest as part of what I wear when I do celtic dance. I ordered mine through a renaissance costuming outfit; I just sent my measurements and they custom-made it. What I like about the one I wear is that I really don’t even need a bra when I wear it; at least not for “motion control.” The lacing keeps everything in its place, with little of the uncomfortable bounce that always has seemed to be a problem, no matter how much I spent on sports bras.

    By the way, I’ve considered purchasing things from the Pyramid catelog before. How is their sizing? quality?

  8. pezzdemon says:

    Hips and Curves actually gives a really good explanation for Corset sizing. For a corset that is cheaper and has the plastic boning you should get right about your bra size, maybe one size up as someone else suggested. But if you are getting a steel boned one (they have several) the site suggests getting one a few inches smaller than you measure. Why? Because a corset is built to give you a more hourglass shape, and the steel boning does a much much better job of holding things together (not to mention the workmanship on the seams and fabric choice). A friend of mine has one of the steel boned corsets and she adores it. And it is good quality. Well worth the $150 price tag. And a lot of cheaper corsets use either zippers in the front (ewww does not stay up like it should) or the little plastic hooks like on your regular bras (they stretch and I worry a little about them breaking if I tug it at all tight).

    • bigliberty says:

      Thanks for the comment! I honestly wasn’t sure if corset sizing as explained on the site still worked for people who were more fat than chubby 😉 I just imagined getting my bra size or a size up, having the corset come in and then having it fail to lace around the waist or gape too wide in the back, etc. I’m a wikkid corset n00b 😉

      • pezzdemon says:

        You shouldn’t have a problem, my belly is bigger than my chest measurement and I’ve never had a problem. Just be warned it takes some getting used to and some adjustment on how tight you want it in certain areas.

  9. […] Last week we gazed in horror at wide striped eye-blasting sacks, strap-missing goddess-styled frankendresses, and the Beaded Purple That Shall Remain Nameless. We also gazed in appreciation at flowing scarf halter dresses, lacy vests, and delicious corsets. […]

  10. […] a few days ago I got sucked into Big Liberty’s post showing off this gorgeous scarf dress and for some reason get side-tracked into all sorts of online […]

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