3 comments on “Question for Fellow Goth Fatties…

  1. Fat Academic says:

    I have purchased from them several times. I have a satin skirt that runches up at the back, I have a strapless top with a ‘tail’ and a satin dress that looks sort of retro and probably some other things too. I don’t however have any of the items you want to get!

    I find they run pretty true to size. I wouldnt say the clothing is particularly high quality but the prices aren’t that high (well not in relation to what we pay for stuff here) and so I don’t mind. Not that I have had any trouble with the clothing I have purchased, on the contrary, I really like each item I have purchased.

  2. have not tried them but you can get almost identical things on ebay…new with tags….might be the same make as they look identical…just do a goth search. i think the ones i am thinking of are out of china or hong kong.

    ravensdl in the uk has some amazing stuff as does dark star and they are plus sized. i sold a full length velvet vicar’s coat by raven on ebay in minutes recently and its not a common label here in australia. raven is amazing quality….i bought it to check out the workmanship and was not disappointed and i am a seamstress myself!

    i love the pants!

  3. Miriam Heddy says:

    Oh! That’s some lovely stuff right there.

    I’m a bit worried by some of the comments on the site that suggests that the arms are narrow.

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