Too Fat for Gloves?!

Just a short one. I recently got a shipment of clothes from Torrid, one of my favorite semi-goth-but-less-than-they-used-to-be-but-hey-I-don’t-have-any-better-options-since-I’m-larger-than-a-24US clothing stores. Included in this shipment were these gloves:

Apparently can only be worn by 90 - 160 lb individuals

Take a look at the text up at the top left of the packaging. Yes, you’re reading it correctly, your fattie eyes do no deceive you!—-there is indeed a weight rating for a pair of gloves. Only individuals 90 – 160 lbs are allowed to wear these babies. Nyah-nyah-nyah-faaaat-wriiiists!

But lo and behold! They fit these large, long, fatty hands perfectly, and I kill that weight rating by at least 100 lbs:

Big Liberty's fine be-gloved paw

Big Liberty's fine be-gloved paw

In conclusion, all I have to say to Leg Avenue (the manufacturers of the gloves) is — SUCK IT IM A FATTIE WEARIN UR GLOVES HA!

6 comments on “Too Fat for Gloves?!

  1. nudemuse says:

    Oh I do love those. Did the edges come raw or did you cut those?

    • bigliberty says:

      Hi! They come raw. They’re a really nice fit, a tiny bit tight on the palms, but I have very large hands because I’m one of those tall hulking people 😉

      I also got this belt, which is kinda tight for a 4, but I think that might be because I haven’t worn it at all yet. It’s got a bit of a BDSM vibe, yum!

      • nudemuse says:

        I have been craving a wide stretch belt. I’ve got a short torso though and I’m afraid it would just fold under my boobs. I may have to hunt down a pair of those gloves for myself and then edge them. Raw edges bug the crap out of me for some reason.

    • bigliberty says:

      You know, I’ve had much better luck with very wide stretch belts in the front, but sometimes they fold up in the back (the front is typically stiff, the front is stretchy).

      I’ve had worse luck the thinner the belt has gotten, when I sit down they turn into boob prods/uncomfy bustiers 😦

  2. kate217 says:

    Sorry to be OT, but the photo on the glove package creeps me out. I may just be old, but that half-naked girl looks about 15 to me. The marketing smells a bit of child porn.

    • bigliberty says:

      I didn’t really get the child porn vibe from this at all — the gloves are adult-sized, and though the weight range is small and low it’s an adult weight range.

      I’m used to very young models in suggestive poses of course, because it’s all over the media. Didn’t surprise me one bit, though of course I thought the pose rather gratuitous (apart from the fact that it’s an obvious Photoshop — just look at how the gloves line up on her hands and how they line up on mine, that’s not a ‘fat’ thing to be sure!).

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