Finished the First Book!

I may have mentioned it before, but I’ve been working diligently on a novel this winter and spring (which is part of the reason my blogging volume has dropped a bit). It’s hard science fiction, kind of sociological science fiction but also sports some new technologies and takes place in a different solar system with different people. It’s very character driven.

Why is this relevant to size acceptance? Simply put, the characters in my book are the size that they are, no apologies, no imposed artificial diversity or lack thereof, and so on. I try to make it as realistic as possible. There is also no particular size for a particular gender or race encouraged or imposed by all, or thought universally beautiful (and the book does, in an indirect way, engage the reader as to what ‘beauty’ really means).

My main character is a war hero who is tall, broad, and fattish. She is a martial arts expert and consummate hacker with PTSD and a very confused, bigoted upbringing.

My secondary main character was a villain from the war, but now that the war is over must work with my main character to nip a current growing conflict in the bud. He’s tall, broad, semi-muscular, otherwise thin.

My supporting characters range from very thin to petite to very fat to willowy and everything in-between. Many of the women in my book just happen to be on the fatter side — a very kickass supporting character who must assassinate her enemy (and former lover) in order to save her people is quite plump, but it is never mentioned as anything but a descriptor, and is used in a positive way once or twice. One of my other main supporting characters is very petite—short and thin, and she is very good friends with my main character, who is tall and fattish. Yet another supporting character wins an election to become one of the most powerful political leaders on the rocky satellite, and she is quite fat, though considered quite generally very beautiful.

So — Book 1 is done! I’m in the editing stage now. I’m very excited; I’ve written novels before that I’ve thrown away (practice!), but this book was written with publishing in mind, and the end product is eminently publishable, in my humble opinion…editing will take about six – eight weeks (I can only work part-time on it, naturally) and then it’s off to a small group of readers who will give me some feedback. After I get the feedback it will have another edit pass through, then off to the agent search service. Eeek!

Note that I’m about 2/3rds of the way through the second book, as well, and have planned out the 3rd and 4th (there are four total books in the series). Given that I’ve written 1  and 2/3rds quality books since November, I hope whatever agent/editor gets this thing in their hands realizes that they’re sitting on a potential cash cow.

So, wish me luck….and we’ll see how it goes!

Just as an FYI, I do have a straight-up FA sci-fi book writing itself in my head right now — it’s called Xi and Ya, and it’s a teenage love story in a (not-so-distant?) slightly-dystopic future.

2 comments on “Finished the First Book!

  1. deeleigh says:

    Sounds like an awesome book! I’d love to read it. I love science fiction and have been reading it since I was 10.

    Incidentally, a few years ago, I was was reading the Hyperion series and had to stop because of some really nasty size prejudice on the author’s part in one of the later books. Usually, the best you can hope for is all thin characters and no mention of size. It would be great to read something with fat characters where their size is not shorthand for a character flaw.

  2. bigliberty says:

    Thanks! I’m really excited about it. I’ve always been ticked off about sci fi authors defaulting to Playboy-bunny-esque size dimensions when describing their female heroes — no problem being that way, of course, but the idea that EVERY female hero is size in such a manner and fat women are nearly entirely excluded (except as villains, shopkeepers, teachers, and mothers) chafes my (big!) ass.

    Piers Anthony is one of the worst offenders in this respect, IMHO. Of course he’s got a lot of other problems (he rationalizes rape), and I find Sagan is one of the better ones.

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