Quick Hit: My designs would look strange on fat people…

Here’s a great post by Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog over at Diary of a Mad Fatshionista.

The question she asked designers was, Would you ever consider designing for a woman my size?

So I asked Mr. Kostetsos this question, including the request that he not say “fashion is for everybody.” I did not have to worry.
His English was not very good, but his answer was clear: no.

Stunned, I asked if that meant he felt that plus-sized women didn’t have the right to wear his clothes.

He nodded, saying (with a great many hand gestures) “Pret-a-porter, yes.” But plus size customers were…“difficult—they want everything. You give them four designs, they want twelve, then they want twenty, all of them.” As if customers who weighed over 80 pounds did not deserve to have the radiant majesty of his attire desecrated by their adiposity. “I do not design this. The clothes they look wrong, they look strange. The clothes are not made for those bodies.”

The thing I find funny about this is that it goes to show you how very uncreative and scared this designer must be — that a larger body, with its potentially sharp curves, dips, winds, and inevitably larger real estate — could unnerve him so. That all he could design for was a very common, easy form.

In the rest of the arts, we’d call this lack of vision and talent. In fashion design, it’s called ‘having principles.’

It’s almost as if most high fashion actively encourages soldiers for the moral crusade against fat people…nah, too paranoid, right?

3 comments on “Quick Hit: My designs would look strange on fat people…

  1. Frances says:

    “You give them four designs, they want twelve, then they want twenty, all of them.”

    Those uppity fatties, expecting multiple designs in their size!

  2. April Kelher says:

    I wonder if you’ll still see this comment a year after you posted this?
    I’m always severely addicted to Project Runway every season. And about once a season they’ll have a challenge that includes some kind of plus-sized women. Sometimes it’s a teen for a prom dress, sometimes it’s women who want their wedding dress made into something else, and sometimes it’s a special challenge dedicated solely to making some kind of nice clothing for fat women (so, if we’re lucky, we get to see like 7 outfits for fat women and not just perchance 1 or 2 over the season).
    But it’s always not without some bitching from the designers. Sometimes you can really see which designers are peaches and which ones aren’t. And even if they don’t complain, every designer always, always has a hard time with the challenge. Because on the show, everything they make is worn by models. EXCEPT if it’s a special challenge with the teen girls or the moms in their 50’s. These people praise themselves for making clothing for people all the time, celebs or not, but apparently none of their clients have had anything except model-like bodies.
    I wish they’d do an episode that addressed this problem, or heck even put some plus-sized models on there for the designers, god forbid! And when I say plus-sized, I mean bigger than a size 14 or 16!

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