A Sizing Revolution

I’ve decided that it’s time to call for sizing which is based on the population of women who actually exist (going off US here, but could work for many other places too, with requisite tweaking. Submit your own in the comments! 🙂 ).

I also think that if it’s okay to size up to a 4xL without blinking an eye, we should move the ‘Medium’ up to an actual, population-based medium and include sizes like 2xS (double-extra-small).

So here’s my proposal for new sizing standards (US sizes):

0 – 2 = 2XS

4 – 6 = 1 XS

8 – 10 = S

12 – 14 = M

16 – 18 = L

20 – 22 = 1XL

24 – 26 = 2XL

28 – 30 = 3XL

32 – 34 = 4XL

…and so on.

Does this make complete sense to just me?

2 comments on “A Sizing Revolution

  1. vesta44 says:

    Makes sense to me too. And I would love it if they would size women’s jeans/slacks/pants the way men’s pants are sized – by waist and inseam, or since women usually have hips larger than waists, maybe size them by waist/hip measurement and inseam. Would make it a lot easier to find pants that actually fit without having to do a lot of alterations like taking in the waist or hemming them up or letting the hem out (if there’s even enough hem to do that).
    Your sizing idea makes sense for tops/dresses/nightgowns/etc, though.

  2. Miriam Heddy says:

    I’m with Vesta in wishing they’d size women’s clothes by measurements instead of by some arcane, imaginary system with no reference to actual human bodies, much less populations.

    While we’re in wishes as horses territory, I’d love it if:
    –It was easier to find bras in size 44C (and yes, I actually found one at Target in their new “Curvation” line, but it’s a rarity, as the presumption seems to be that if you need a bigger band size, you’ve got bigger breasts which, no, I don’t, and bra extenders change the fit of bras in weird ways.)
    –Suits and tops in plus sizes didn’t categorically assume one had very large breasts. I’ve had 3 kids and I started out as a “nearly B” and topped out at C, so no, I do not need ten inch darts in every suit jacket, bathing suit, and button-down shirt, ta very much.)
    –sizes meant the same thing no matter what “female” department you were in. I hate that an XL isn’t an XL if you move from “misses” to “women’s.”

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