Not Dead

Hi folks, I just wanted to give you an update (for those who were wondering where I was!).

I’m not dead, just very busy with a few other projects right now. I’m very close to finishing up my book (just two chapters left…squee!) and I recently got an academic article published. I’ve also been preparing for an annual research school I help run, which is usually the reason I’m MIA for a good month every summer.

A brief note on my book — it is fat-friendly sci-fi. The female hero, a rockin’ war legend and soldier, is on the fat side of in-betweenie. I have short, tall, thin, fat, chubby, round, svelte, all sizes. I’ll keep you all updated if it gets picked up after I send ‘er out.

On the nonfiction fat front, I’ve actually been interacting via comments fairly frequently (check out Bri’s blog, silentbeep’s blog, and Big Fat Blog forums), so you can find me there. Some highlights of recent stuff:

Jamie Oliver — get your nannying, paternalistic, elitist, condescending attitude off my TV screen. There, I said it. Shock!

Drop Dead Diva — back on soon, check out Lifetime!

eShakti — Oh, I love the fact that you can make floor-length summer cotton dresses for a 6’0″ fatty like me. However, when I say my bra size is 44D, I did NOT mean 48E. Seriously. Not a typo.

California re: McDonald’s toys — Don’t you have anything better to do? Um, recession?

Jolene Purdy — you rock! I’ve seen you in “10 Things I Hate About You” on ABC (okay, yes, I watch a teen soap…on Hulu) and in “Breaking Bad.” I really like you. Please be in more TV ASAP, ‘kay?