Fat Liberation Feed Update

Hi all! I just wanted to run through a couple items about the Fat Liberation feed.

  1. Atchka! is no longer on the feed. I apologize, this probably should have happened sooner.
  2. There has been some concern about elizebeth’s blog, Fat Activist. Do you have any concerns about this blog remaining on the feed?
  3. And, of course, if anyone wants to join the feed, please let me know, and I’ll review your blog to see if it fits. The feed generally doesn’t have a strict requirements to adhere to FA topics, though the blogs should be fat positive (no diet talk, no WLS talk, no fatphobia).
  4. Are there any other blogs on the feed that concern you?

Thanks for your input.

2 comments on “Fat Liberation Feed Update

  1. Please take me off the Fat Liberation Feed.

    Elizebeth Turnquist – Fat Activist

  2. bigliberty says:

    @elizebeth –


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