Ring in the New Love

I hope all my lovely fatties, inbetweenies, and thinnies are having a great New Year’s.

Already the Fat Hate Month (January) has been warming up: I was watching something on a woman-geared channel (I think it was Style), and nearly every commercial was about body hating or body snarking. There were even advertisements for a new show called, “The Ten Things I Hate About Me” (ugh).

However, the Fat Hate Month is also a usually a good month for FA recruitment (especially near the end of the month). Indeed, it was January, in the midst of the Fat Hate ads, shows, and so on, was when I created this blog.

So when your friends and colleagues get weary of January dieting and exercise binging, point them to Big Fat Blog, Shapely Prose, here, The Fat Nutritionist, The-F-Word, and other great FA sites. (Rachel’s The-F-Word was the first FA blog I came across, ever. It blew my mind, and I was hooked).

In other news, since I’m not a huge fan of Resolutions, I’ve made a list of ANTI-Resolutions. Yep, Rebel Without A Cause, to the end…

1. DO NOT sell myself short.

2. DO NOT base my self worth on my appearance.

3. DO NOT wear ugly, ill-fitting clothes, unless engaged in home renovations or working out.

4. DO NOT take my eyes from the sky. Dream, and achieve my dreams.

Do you have any Anti-Resolutions?

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