WSJ on Fat People: Many Greats in History

I have a few other feeds that I maintain, one which is a news feed. I’m very used to my news feed having little to do with fat in it (though when it does appear, it’s reasonably positive). But a Wall Street Journal piece poking fun at people who demonize fatties? It sounded too good to be true, but here it is:

Stop Picking on History: Throughout history the rotund have made the world go ’round

There are definitely problems with this piece, which reduce to the usual scienterrific myths about fatness. However — and I can’t stress how important this point is — is that the author, even accepting those myths, is telling people in a clever, funny way that picking on fat people is stupid and counterproductive. And he holds up a lot of great examples of fat leaders and artists — I have to say that, overall, it’s a very positive piece.

Because when it comes down to it, people can believe whatever they want about our health, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with how we’re treated. That’s what Queenan is going for: we’re respectable, hardworking, creative members of society that have done (and will do) great things. The idea that health has been braided into our moral fabric to such a degree is, in Queenan’s eyes (and rightly so), absurd.

What do you think?

2 comments on “WSJ on Fat People: Many Greats in History

  1. goodbyemyboy says:

    It honestly didn’t strike me as a positive piece at all. It basically just pays lip service to the idea that fat people are people too while relying on the “hurr hurr fat people eat all the time” stereotype for most of it’s “humor” and, as always, going back to the “that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be fat!” stuff at the end. It’s pretty typical pseudo-fat acceptance fare.

  2. whatever1999 says:

    I’ll give him a C-. More or less well-meaning, but he takes a literally deadly subject way too casually.

    And, he left out Thomas Aquinas.

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