Unfriending the Bigots

Ah, Facebook bigotry.

Guaranteed to be even more awkward than your ordinary brand of internet bigotry, as it usually involves family, friends, classmates, or coworkers.

I recently got into a bit of an exchange with a person I’ve met all of once, who thought it necessary to masturbate his fat-hate onto my Facebook wall. Seriously, I can just picture some of these bigots with pleasure-faces as their hate oozes out into the world, delighted as pigs in shit often are to root publicly, messily, and splashing it up on you if you’re not careful to stand far enough away.

I shot back with a link to the heritability study and told him that “even if adiposity measures health in some kind of reasonable way (which *hasn’t* been conclusively shown, despite “common” knowledge), your health isn’t someone else’s business, so bugger out of their life. Trust me, fat people know they’re fat. No, really. They do.”

Yeah, a bit grammatically incorrect. I don’t deign to be that careful with my sentence construction when I’m addressing hateful morons that really, really need to bugger off with their hate, oh, yesterday.

I’m rather pissed. And do you want to know the earth-shattering, oh-so-deviant, gravity-defying status update to which the douchebag above was referring?

Body obsession occupies women’s time and minds, as a tool of patriarchy to pin us down. What if we could put this energy into politics, poetry, science, or art?

And his response (get out your bingo cards!):

Well, I guess we’d be a race of super advanced fat people, like in WALL-E… 🙂
Obsession is always bad, I agree. That said, from a health perspective, we do let ourselves go quite a bit, women and men, and I think it’s very easy to over eat and under exercise. I also find it funny and a little pathetic that one of the biggest research fund hogs in the world right now is a pill to make you lose weight. Seriously? Is it *that* hard to go to a gym 3 times a week?


What’s your story of fat-related Facebook/MySpace asshattery? Or rather, have you noticed the sheer determination of bigots to be bigots in *your* space?

(oh yeah, and I totally unfriended his ass. Hence the title of this post!)

3 comments on “Unfriending the Bigots

  1. shinobi42 says:

    Dude, one of my friends kept getting into discussions with my boyfriend on facebook. The thing was is that my boyfriend was mostly just joking with him or furthering debate or something, he wasn’t being an “Ist” ass. The last one was a farcical joke about typical standards of masculinity. And my friend, rather than saying “hey dude, uncool” on facebook IMed ME to tell me that my boyfriend was a dick. And when I told him to take it up with my boyfriend he was all “Well I consider you guys to be basically the same person, so yeah.” (SOOOO Feminist) And said a bunch of nasty shit about my relationship with no actual context whatsoever.

    And all the while we’re having this painful and upsetting conversation via IM he was JOKING AROUND on facebook with my boyfriend as though everything was okay and they were just being jokey guys. WTF. (AND THEN he de friended my boyfriend, so he couldn’t apologize.)

    Obviously my friend is the KING OF FEMINISM and can no longer tolerate any male in his presence who does not conform to all of the attitudes thereof. (If only us lady feminists were so privileged as to be able to avoid every guy in our lives who wasn’t feminist enough.)

    I’m still angry, does it show? De friending him is not expressive enough of my anger. I’m thinking angry facebook note, just to ensure that our entire relationship is based on our facebook behavior.

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