Good Morning AMeMeMeeerica

What is Good Morning America’s obsession with this woman?

And why was she put on today’s show …. two days after the show with Marianne?

Also, why was she given a face-to-face interview, an intimate, softball, cushy interview at that?

She spent her time promoting fat myth after fat myth (obesity causes people to lose their aspirations, Americans can’t “control” themselves, we’re all going to be in the “throes of an obesity bailout” ??)

Here’s some more gems:

“I come from a family of obesity…when you grow up with that and see what it does to people, it’s hard to throw your hands up [about it]”

She generally is misusing parental rights in order to torment her kids and still have them sent to public school.

Obesity statistics —- “one in three are obese” (this is wrong, by the way)

“we just elected a president based on change…we’ve got sick kids, we’ve got fat kids, the school environment needs to be a default of safety”

“Let them call you names, you’re your child’s advocate, there’s no excuse to freshly mint a new fat child in this country.”

Also, the segment featured videos of headless fat children (I’m sure filmed without their permission), randomly interspersed in the segment, focusing mostly on poor little boys’ jiggling tummies. Grrrrr.

So what’s up with GMA, anyway? Does anyone think the timing of this segment is a little too coincidental — Monday, Fat Acceptance; Wednesday, MeMe-brand Obesity Hate?

It reminds me of Rachel’s segment (not on GMA), where MeMe was in the “panel.” This time they just disallowed any debate whatsoever, and gave MeMe the last word.

I’m fuming. Goddamn bubblegum media. When did that woman’s hate become so okay, so reasonable, something an educated anchor would nod to head to, sitting across from her, as the anchor throws the hateful woman softball after softball? You could tell MeMe was absolutely thrilled to be there, since she didn’t have any awful fat people to debate with!

NOTE: I can’t find MeMe Roth’s GMA segment on the GMA website. If anyone sees it later, could you please comment with the link? Thanks!

EDIT: Found the segment. In the “related links” below the article is the link to “The Young, Fat, and Fabulous” (Marianne Kirby of the Rotund’s segment). Perhaps some people reading the hateful, irrational, self-loathing words of Meme Roth will click on that related link, eh?

edited to correct show dates

edited to add Meme Roth segment on Good Morning America:

9 comments on “Good Morning AMeMeMeeerica

  1. This one:
    “there’s no excuse to freshly mint a new fat child in this country.”

    Excuse me? Way to dehumanize fat children! They aren’t born, they are minted!
    If I might follow this logic a bit…
    “Why, if you want a fat child, there are plenty to be had! Too many already, in fact! If I had a fat child, I would discard it, so there’s no need to freshly mint any more fat children. You can take a discarded one.”

    Giving this woman a microphone (and camera) is so damaging. I can imagine how I would have absorbed what she was saying as a fat kid. Relatively speaking, I had it easy compared to fat kids today — at least there wasn’t a MeMe Roth in the picture then. I already felt guilty about my size, as though it reflected poorly on my parents.

    I contrast MeMe Roth with Gabrielle Gregg and Marianne Kirby, who put such hopeful, positive energy out into the world with their segment. They didn’t put anyone down, make anyone feel bad, tell anyone how to be. They set an example with their lives of wholeness.

    I am feeling so bad for MeMe’s kids right now.

  2. lifeonfats says:

    The only thing this woman is an expert at is promoting a dangerous and hostile attitude to anyone wearing double digits. Rachel did an excellent post about her credentials as a nutritionist, which are laughable and also scary. If us FA bloggers can take a few minutes to research her background and expose her as a quack, why can’t these “reputable news shows?” The media must be that hellbent on perpetuating fat shame and hysteria.

  3. meowser says:

    I can only imagine what her attitude would be towards parents of kids with neurological or mental health issues who are put on neuroleptic or psychiatric medications that make them gain weight. They wouldn’t be sick in the head if you did your job as a parent, right? Just like you can make them thin, you can make all their brain problems go away, just by being that awesome! GARGH.

    (I haven’t been logged in much the last couple of weeks, so I just wanted to say mazel tov on your wedding, and your pictures looked wonderful!)

  4. bigliberty says:

    Thanks, Meowser!!! 🙂

  5. ndlesdream says:

    I know I wrote a huge thing on Meme Roth and how we should pity her, never fear or believe her, if we pay any attention to her at all BUT I’m getting mighty damn tired of reading about her antics on news shows. I can’t understand how we got to this point in America, no strike that, the world. How did this crap get so ingrained into every single media outlet? How did all the media outlets that claim to exist to provide truthful news to people become nothing more than a bunch of muckraking idiots bent on pushing falsehoods and furthering special interest group agendas using their fake hair, fake tans and faker smiles? When did the news turn into some bizarro-world version of the home shopping channel, selling you lies about your body instead of Precious Moments figurines and non-stick cookware?

    Of course all this media attention to the “killer kancer” that is fat has gone over great in the political scene and is now a huge part of the changes for health care reform. Personally, I’m terrified of what that will mean for all of us fatties that don’t fit the mold, can’t fit the mold, WON’T fit the mold. Those of us who have decided that life is better than starvation, that misery and hunger pangs are not our best friends and that our clothing size or the numbers on the scale are NOT measures of our health in any way are in the direct line of fire from creatures like Meme Roth and the lazy, incompetent sheeple (and I hate using that word BTW but it really fits here) that make up the body of elected officials who listen to monsters like her. Please don’t misunderstand, I like our President, very much, I voted for him. But it’s wrong to force your citizens to follow along with a flawed, untrue, unproven, irrational way of looking at health.

    I don’t know what to do about my fear and my anger. My husband thinks this is another health scare phase that will pass with no harm done. I’m the worrier, so I’m not convinced. I’m pissed, I’m seriously pissed and I’m scared which makes me more pissed. I’m mad as hell but I’m not sure how to not take it anymore. If anyone’s got any great ideas, please tell me!

  6. ndlesdream says:

    Apologies for monopolizing your blog Big Liberty but I have to say this: Okay fellow fats, I’m fucking sick to death of all this self-hatred and shame spiral bullshit! When the fuck are we going to band together as a group and fight our oppressors? Society will continue to make us the scapegoats for all their ills unless we stand up and say No More!! I’m sick of reading countless stories of obese people harassed by airlines, by their fellow citizens, by the medical community, by everyone. We have got to take a stand, we’ve got to start fighting this. If you don’t know this stuff already, here’s your crash course: Obesity is genetic, dieting can’t alter your genetics but can kill you or permanently damage your body, obesity does not kill and it does not cause any other disease. Period. The treatment we suffer as obese people is no different than that which was suffered by African-Americans for centuries. In fact, every time you see the word fat or obese used in a negative light, I want you to mentally replace that word with the n-word. It’s no different, it’s completely socially acceptable to say fat derogatorily just as it was completely socially acceptable to use the n-word at one time. Usage of these words is never justified, it’s just the way it is or was and will continue to be forever until we say NO. Every time you think of buying into the idea that fat is wrong and you need to change to be a better, more socially acceptable person, think of someone of color buying into the idea that only white is beautiful, think of that person sitting down with a bottle of bleach and a scrub brush. Neither one (fat or of color) can change the way they look but the real point is that NONE of us should be shamed into pointless, destructive self-hatred in the first damn place. We will continue to be harassed and oppressed until we stand up for ourselves. When will we say enough is enough? When will we allow our voices to be heard? When we will stop apologizing for who we are? When?

  7. serenity39 says:

    Mmm, freshly minted fat child… 🙂
    That woman is a control freak and her children will rebel sooner or later. She thinks she knows better, and there are thousands of parents like her, and all they are doing is setting their poor kids up for eating disorders and countless issues around food. Lady needs a more productive hobby. Baking cupcakes maybe?

  8. anniemcphee says:

    Wow. I found that article almost…well I guess the word is “triggering.” I’m gonna wait until I’m home with a snack and a drink to tackle why that is, so I’ll see you on the flip-flop in about an hour.

  9. anniemcphee says:

    Serenity is right – it’s a huge control freak thing; it’s not REALLY about food at all. Mememememe needs to recognize that sooner or later (sooner if she cares about her children, which I’m sure she does.) Reading that article just brought up all my childhood food things with my mother – and it wasn’t that she was worried about me being fat (I was way too skinny and accordingly weak physically) – sometimes it was my bad teeth at issue but in reality it was control. I had none. It’s powerless enough being a kid (and rightly so in some respects; children can’t be accountable for all their choices and have to be given only limited control and liberty) but feeling hungry all the time isn’t something that’s supposed to be in the cards. She has a CONTAINER that each of her kids bring to school so they can bring home all offered unauthorized snacks? My mother only wishes she had thought of such a thing, believe me. And guess what, when they’re 13 or so they’re going to figure out that they can just eat the fucking thing and never tell mom about it, only bringing her the shit they didn’t want anyway. I know. It’s how I operated when I got old enough.

    I was given exact change for a school lunch (or expected to bring the change home out of a dollar – a dollar then!) and forbidden to eat anything else. It didn’t take me long to realize in 7th grade when I was given a choice that I could order 3 pieces of cake or 4 soft pretzels and skip the fucking lunch. Prior to that even my grandmother was forbidden to give me treats unauthorized – even if I was allowed to have lunch with them and a piece of homemade sweet potato pie was part of it – NO PIE FOR YOU! The rage it brought on to see me eating anything unauthorized was horrifying. My stepdad’s face would turn purple and that vein in the middle of the forehead would start pulsing – “WHO TOLD YOU YOU COULD HAVE A PIECE OF PIE?!” Well, fortunately for him we hadn’t even started eating the damn thing yet. You can have 3 pretzel rings – 3 ONLY – and then when the bag went stale it was “I’m not buying more pretzels; you didn’t eat them the last time.” Well I WOULD have if I’d been allowed to, asshole. It becomes insanity real quick.

    Isn’t Mememememe the one who won’t eat until she’s run 5 miles? And she thinks this is healthy and that her kids are exercising good choices? Just wait, Meme. Just wait. Her kids MAY just end up rebelling with food and stuffing themselves fat, or they may just become alcoholics – who knows, but it’s not going anywhere good.

    So on the way home from work my son says, “You’re talking an awful lot about your mom and your past…what brought that on?” Wise kid. It was reading that fucking article of course. Meme is a psycho. She IS a meme. FFS.

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