Not Sorry for MeMe Roth

If you’ve been reading about the recent irrational statements by MeMe Roth like I have, you are likely not surprised. MeMe Roth has been featured on news shows as an “expert” on obesity, since she purportedly has a fat family and is herself thin (and conventionally attractive and young enough to appeal to the talking news-Barbies and -Kens).

I’ve been scanning through the comments on the wonderful posts about MeMe Roth’s telling comparison (overeating is like raping your own body) and disordered confession (she refuses to eat until she runs four miles, which at the time of the interview – 330pm – had not yet occurred), and I noticed a good bit of anger, as well as much pity.

Where do I stand, as a victim of abuse and recovering disordered eater?

Not. Sorry.


Because she’s hurting other people. If she kept it inside or amongst friends and family (though NOT children), I’d feel sorry for her. I really very truly would. But the idea that she goes on national television, lies consistently about her one-person “organization” so that she can pander her hate agenda in front of millions of people already damaged by the misinformation fed to them by a culture that worships thin, makes me very assuredly shed every last particle of pity I could potentially feel for MeMe Roth.

Regardless of what one’s issues are, and how they were obtained, one NEVER has the right to harm someone else. Psychopathy is no excuse for murdering souls. The idea that MeMe Roth (Meredith Clements) was ever given a informational platform in the first place lets you know how sick and fatphobic our media culture is. Sure, she was likely put on not because the journalists producing the shows actually agree with everything she says, but because she’s “good TV.” However, it’s not like they could put someone on who they thought the public would perceive as a total raving lunatic, and certainly not multiple times. That means that they themselves buy into at least some of her rhetoric.

And that, folks, is the scariest part of this whole mess. Get Meredith Clements off the screen and into counseling, please! I will never be sorry for someone who foists their issues onto others in such a destructive manner. We all have stories, but not one bit of what has happened to us gives us the right to hurt others.

9 comments on “Not Sorry for MeMe Roth

  1. Tiana says:

    The scary part is that she doesn’t seem to know she’s doing it. She probably thinks she’s saving the world or something, and I doubt she will ever realise that she’s wrong on her own. Counseling? Why, she’s the healthiest person in the world … *headdesk*

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the link. FYI, Clements is her maiden name and Roth her married name. She’s always used Roth in her professional career in public relations, so I assume that she’s not like those feminists (like me) who kept their name upon marriage. I don’t think the Guardian article was too clear on that.

  3. anniemcphee says:

    Agreed. I feel sorry for her children. With her diatribes on how feeding children cupcakes is tantamount to LITERALLY feeding them antifreeze, I shudder to think how little they get to eat, and what kind of food. I know already she forgoes any food-related bonding, such as family meals that might actually be satisfying, in favor of family “runs”. Hearing that she must run 4 miles before ever eating? Yeah, too bad, so sad, but she has children AND she has the ear of the media – no, I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  4. ndlesdream says:

    I do feel sorry for her, because yes we are all even more persecuted because of her (and others like her) than we would be in a world without her, BUT we have something she can’t have because she won’t allow herself to have it. We have a choice, the choice to like ourselves, LOVE ourselves and she doesn’t, she can’t. No relationship she has will ever be genuine because how can it be, when the first way we learn to really care for another is by caring for ourselves? Her life is a sham, her marriage, her motherhood, her friendships. How sick, how sad, how very pitiable. The talking heads of this world are more than happy to use her for their own ends, but do you really think any of them give a damn about her? Do you think that when the chips are down, she can turn to them for support? Do you think Mike and Juliet are on her speed dial if she needs a pick-me-up after a bad day? Of course not, that’s a silly question, isn’t it? She has nothing in her life, but her mental diseases (because that is genuinely what’s wrong with her) and she doesn’t even see it. And for those of you who see her and think she’s just very mean, not mentally ill, that’s not it. I promise you can have a very normal looking life from the outside, a marriage, children, a job, clean clothes, washed hair, etc. and none of that will portray what life is like inside your head. You can keep it together from the outside for a LONG time. Anyway, all of us that write these blogs or read them, leave comments, whatever, ALL of us know the truth: Obesity poses no threat to health (individually or communally), the body you have is the one you were born to have (so start showing it some respect!), we are a community and we have each other (and friends, families, pets) to lean on when things get bad. I’m not advocating a pity party for her, but I am saying that we’re the lucky ones. We know who we are. All we need to be concerned with is not letting her disease infect us or spread to others which is why we have these communities. Ignorance can never persist where the bright star of enlightenment shines. Okay, that’s all, I’ll shut up now 🙂

  5. anniemcphee says:

    I hear, you ndles; except once she visits her suffering on innocent children (and not just her own but countless schoolchildren where she’s pushed her agenda) I lose my ability and desire to sympathize. Anyway, you don’t have to shut up; you’re a long way from offending me 😀

  6. ndlesdream says:

    I absolutely agree with you about innocent children Annie, I didn’t mean to imply that she couldn’t harm those without a public voice (which kids don’t really have). I mostly posted what I did to take the wind out of the sails that is the Bad Ship Meme Roth. If we look at something with superstition and fear, it will always have power over us. But if we examine closely that which frightens us (or makes us feel really shitty), we will discover whatever that thing truly is. In the case of Meme Roth, that thing is a mentally ill woman who, if paid attention to at all, should be pitied not feared (or listened to). That’s the real message I was trying to convey, so that her messages can’t have the harmful effects they are intended to have on us grown-up types. I hope that makes sense. But yeah, I totally understand your point about the kiddos. In fact, I was just discussing with my husband last night the possibility of home schooling our kids (far future planning) since I don’t want them exposed to any of the junk science which currently pervades all school systems. I’ve already watched my husband’s young cousin go from an outgoing, pretty young girl to a body-hating, no self-esteem having woman from that environment. No thanks!

  7. anniemcphee says:

    Well it’s clear you’d probably do a great job (I homeschooled my two as well; it is a very nice lifestyle, though financially it can be tough to manage but you can do it) so I hope you go for it. How sad to hear that about your relative though 😦 She doesn’t deserve that 😦

  8. anniemcphee says:

    PS. I get your message better now, thanks.

  9. ndlesdream says:

    Yeah, here’s the thing about my husband’s cousin…she’s a size 10, maybe. If that’s what it can do to her, I don’t want to know what it could do to any little ones we have someday. My genes are chub on one side (and on myself, ba dum bum, thanks I’ll be here all weekend), my husband’s are chub one one side (he got the not chub ones) so there’s a real good chance that we’re going to have chubby little angel babies. I know how bad I got picked on as a kid and if this junk science on diet, food and obesity persists until any kids we have are school age, I won’t hesitate to home school. And I’m glad my message on Meme Roth is clearer now 🙂

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