To Go With The NuVal System

Building on BL’s NuVal post below, meet the Carbon Diet Calculator! (If you think carbon dioxide is a pollutant, I guess.) Now you can add yet another level of calculation to your food – in addition to calories, transfats, NuVal numbers, fats, sugars – and you can hopefully construct a supercomputer to work out the logistics of just what you’re still allowed to eat!

Click and drag your food choices into the frying pan and watch the earth turn red and die!

One comment on “To Go With The NuVal System

  1. bigliberty says:

    Ugh. I think it goes to show you how deeply the Puritanical strains run in our culture. It’s the constant effort to show that any pleasure is sin, any breath of life or sign of human existence = some kind of cultural hellfire, and so forth.

    They are the walking dead. We are the ones that want to *live.* Grossly paraphrasing Ayn Rand. 😉

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