Big Liberty is moving to!! Update your Links!!

Hi all,

As of Friday, Big Liberty will be moving from to That’s right, my own domain name! <<sniffle>> 🙂

After a month or two, Big Liberty will then be moving to its own host, which will feature an FA forum, in the same spirit of the forums at Big Fat Blog, which will be going dark within the year.

I’ll keep everyone updated here and at Big Fat Blog as to when the forums will be going live.

4 comments on “Big Liberty is moving to!! Update your Links!!

  1. vesta44 says:

    Congratulations on your blogging changes and adding forums. I got an email this morning from the Fat Rights Coalition, saying that they will be taking over Big Fat Blog for/from Paul, so it looks like BFB isn’t going to disappear after all. Which is good news, but I think having another place with forums like BFB is a good idea too. More resources for ideas and commentary is always good, especially with so many differing points of view. The more the merrier, I say.

  2. bigliberty says:

    ^Wow, that’s awesome news! I don’t think any of the posters on the BFB forums know this yet, you should start a thread. 🙂

  3. gabfly says:

    Congratulations Big Liberty. I can’t wait for the new launch!!!

  4. bigliberty says:

    Thanks, gabfly! 🙂

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