New Co-blogger: AnnieMcPhee

I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to my new co-blogger, the witty, well-read, well-reasoned, well-endowed AnnieMcPhee!

AnnieMcPhee is a long time fat activist blogger (of the blog Boombatti), and was one of the main people who encouraged me to start the Fat Liberation feed. Her main blog is Purely Politics. Partisan? Perhaps. She’s a soul-sister, soul-mate, and soul-fattie.

Welcome, AnnieMcPhee! 🙂


7 comments on “New Co-blogger: AnnieMcPhee

  1. anniemcphee says:

    Now how am I supposed to live up to such an intro?

    I’m very very happy to be here, and look forward very much to blogging with you about the fat of the land. Good times indeed 🙂

  2. richie79 says:

    Good to see you back on the scene Annie :o)

  3. richie79 says:

    (and yes, that smiley was supposed to be a :))

  4. anniemcphee says:

    Thanks so much, Richie 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts and hearing about your experiences very much.

  5. thesapphirekat says:

    WooHoo!!! Good news indeed!

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