Keith Olbermann’s Fat Jokes Aimed At Conservatives – Har Dee Har Har!

Keith Olbermann, the obviously-pro-liberal-biased “journalist” on MSNBC, is known for his puerile jokes about conservatives. Rather than be clever, he resorts to playground jabs at the appearance of those conservatives that particularly irritate him: mainly, fat jokes.

Props to for these gems:

During an interview with Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter, Olbermann began: “In his inaugural address, the President essentially tried to create a wedge between those who are reasonable and those who are not. Of course, he was talking about the Muslim world. Is it possible in this different context that he’s trying to do the same as he seeks bipartisanship with the Republicans, sort of, you know, separate, Mullah Limbaugh from the herd?”

And further down the post:

After Alter talked about how Obama, like Reagan, tries to talk about the big picture, Olbermann made another one of his infamous jabs at the physical appearance of conservatives, which at times have come in the form of fat jokes. Olbermann: “And we won`t make any large jokes about Mr. Limbaugh.”

Last September, while discussing one of the presidential debates, Olbermann talked about the possibility of Obama “throwing Henry Kissinger back in Senator McCain’s face,” adding that doing so “is physically a tough act to do certainly.”

Another post on the site reveals fat jokes about about Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes made by Olbermann. Please go and read the full post, since it’s breath-takingly hateful. An sampling:

The trend toward fat jokes began last Wednesday, September 27, as Olbermann proclaimed that Ailes had “achieved a perfectly circular shape” as the Countdown host attacked Ailes’ criticism of Bill Clinton’s conduct during an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace. (NewsBusters post on that Countdown.)

On Thursday’s show the personal insults continued as Olbermann called Ailes “the circular gentleman” and referred to him as “Sydney Greenstreet,” an overweight and bald actor who passed away in 1954. The Countdown host also recommended that Ailes “leave some food for Canada.” (First recounted in this NewsBusters item.)

But the first two days were only an appetizer compared to Friday as the Countdown host not only directly called Ailes “fat ass,” but made several other fat jokes during that one show, calling Ailes “the round man” and “the rotund refugee.” He also referred to Ailes making a statement “between pies” and cautioned viewers: “Don’t get your hands too close to his mouth.” (Mark Finkelstein’s NewsBusters item on Friday’s insults.)

The man should be ashamed to call himself a liberal in the true sense, and especially should be ashamed to call himself a journalist. I don’t care if his Countdown show is opinion-based — personal, hate-filled jabs are just a sign that he wants to destroy the character of these people and not his substance differences with their politics.

Destroying people? Bad. Destroying their politics? Better.

Keep trying, Keith.

13 comments on “Keith Olbermann’s Fat Jokes Aimed At Conservatives – Har Dee Har Har!

  1. oatmealactivist says:

    “The man should be ashamed to call himself a liberal in the true sense, and especially should be ashamed to call himself a journalist. I don’t care if his Countdown show is opinion-based — personal, hate-filled jabs are just a sign that he wants to destroy the character of these people and not his substance differences with their politics.

    Destroying people? Bad. Destroying their politics? Better.”

    These lines would hold more water if you equally took to task Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Severin, et al for the same.

  2. bigliberty says:

    Oh, I see. So because I haven’t made specific posts about right wingers and fat jokes, what I post about Olbermann doesn’t “hold water”?

    Classic liberal dodge. Fail!

  3. bigliberty says:

    Also, I *did* take Severin to task in a previous post. I suggest actually knowing what you’re talking about before you engage in attempting to destroy *my* character (at the same time ignoring my argument).

    Ironic – the liberal commenter on the post engages in the same tactics as Olbermann (focusing on the personal making the argument rather than the substance of the argument itself), in order to imply my characterization of Olbermann’s comments are incorrect.

    Not just fail. Epic fail.

  4. bigliberty says:

    As a further comment, for those who don’t know, Limbaugh is fairly pro-fat. Funny, we’ve had this popular ally all the time who’s ignored because he’s got the wrong politics for the liking of the Fatosphere.

    I’ll be making future posts on Limbaugh and his fat-related comments, by the way. He’s pretty insightful. If that bothers some particular people because he doesn’t have the correct politics, I suggest you skip reading the post rather than crapping up my blog with ignorant comments.

  5. oatmealactivist says:

    Reading Comprehension 101: F.

    Those lines. Independent of his politics and indeed independent of their fat-related comments, you suggest that Olbermann’s ad hominem attacks compromise his journalistic integrity. Fine. Very good. That wasn’t challenged. But his jabs have nothing on the vitriol spewed by Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Severin. So if personal attacks and histrionics are the problem, state that and go after the worst offenders, rather than contribute more of them. But this isn’t presented as anti-fat bias in the media. But rather a whiney “expose” on the evils of the supposed “liberal media.”

    Heck, stop whining about supposed persecution and get back to the science. These are open questions, there’s plenty of new data being presented all the time about diet and weight. Why not focus on that? Gary Taubes had an illuminating piece on confusion and dishonesty in the medical, nutrition and diet communities in the NYT recently (What If It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie) . And even wrote a book. Why wasn’t that discussed?

    And pointing out hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty doesn’t a liberal one make.

  6. oatmealactivist says:

    Correction: That NYT piece isn’t recent; it’s from 2002. But his interview with the excellent John Tierney is.

  7. bigliberty says:

    Yeah, a great way to have a constructive conversation about the above is to continue to distract from the point – that Olbermann said some hateful things, that this doesn’t make him a good journalist or a good liberal (if you ascribe to liberals being diverse and tolerant people, that is).

    Tack onto that a continued personal attack on the blogger, and then to suggest that I shut up about politics, make a blanket statement about the “vitriol” of three people who I’m sure you can’t on the top of your head accurately outline what they represent, without any examples of their vitriol (not that that’s on topic of the post, it’s just a continued distraction).

    The fact is, Olbermann’s comments have *nothing to do with* the comments of others, whether or not you perceive the comments of others to be somehow “worse.” It’s a tremendous logical fallacy to suggest that one person’s hate doesn’t matter because there are others who are perceived to be more hateful. It’s additionally fallacious to say that unless I expound on all the perceived hate in the world, I can’t say a damn thing about the hate before my face.

    What’s funny, of course, is that I don’t even like O’Reilly, and have never mentioned him on this blog. You’re the presumptuous one here. You’re the one who’s looking to silence my valid point about Olbermann and the mainstream media liberals by distracting from the point with your preconceptions about the comments of the talk radio personalities I’m sure you’ve only seen quoted on DailyKOS.

    And no one, NO ONE, personally attacks me on my own blog, you sad trough of academic runoff.

    Do you know what I was taught in “Reading Comprehension” 101? We went through Carl Sagan’s “The Fine Art of Baloney Detection.” It’s very obvious you haven’t, or at the least, you didn’t understand it. I suggest you brush up.

  8. bigliberty says:

    Oh, and further: if you have a problem with what I’m blogging about and think I should be blogging about different things, get your own blog.

  9. richie79 says:

    Not wanting to get too embroiled in the political drama, I would nevertheless have to agree with your original post.

    Take Spiked Magazine as an example, a Marxist-Libertarian online publication based in the UK.

    Beyond BFB (which tends to be far more politically diverse than most places) it’s rare to see it mentioned or linked to, despite the fact it has Basham & Luik, Rob Lyons and Dr Michael Fitzpatrick all regularly contributing excellent articles with a FA / SA theme.

    When it is, it’s to dismiss one of the contributors as food / soda industry shills, or on an unrelated topic (such as their stance on the smoking ban).

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything Spiked publishes (though that may be more down to my own inner ideological turmoil than any inconsistencies in their position) but I think we reject a potentially powerful ally such as this at our peril.

  10. anniemcphee says:

    Newsbusters is a great resource.

    What a singularly unpleasant poster you attracted by pointing this out – whining INDEED. Eesh. At any rate, unlike some people whose opinion I do respect, I honestly can enjoy a fat joke if it’s actually funny. (Any kind of joke that is funny, even if aimed at myself.) The problem with Olbermann’s “jokes” here is that they aren’t jokes at all in any traditional sense – they are “Haha, he’s FAT!” – assuming that the joke is made by the presence of fat alone. I actually have this in my unposted drafts – what on earth led him to believe this shit was funny, again?

    I see you’ve already mentioned this, but Rush Limbaugh IS, duh, a fat guy lol. And he’s against intrusive government. While he doesn’t embrace identity politics, he’s still more of an ally than a dipshit like Olbermann if one is fat and doesn’t want to be discriminated against. I am sure you mean to quote this, but it was in my drafts, so if you don’t mind: “Rush Limbaugh, Dec. 9, 1994: “They’re going to start capitalizing on this discrimination against the fat. I can see spending caps at McDonald’s. Spending caps at McDonald’s. We’re going to hear stories about secondhand fat being a health hazard. You know what’s going to happen, you’re going to be sitting in that restaurant, that fat pig is going to be eating on salad or something and you’re going to say, “You know, I’m in the presence of a fat person eating and I can just sense fat globules all around me, and its going to infect me and I’m going to get fat.” Maybe they’ll even have a calorie tax or a grams-of-fat tax. I mean, this is just silly.”

    He has no idea even now just how prophetic his words were; because I’ve never heard him mention the past few years and the concerted efforts by the press to convince us that fat IS contagious. However, he did a big “I Told You So” on this when the fat tax on soda was announced.

  11. anniemcphee says:

    Also, we all know what fucking Morgan Spurlock and his CSPI jerks did to the McDonald’s prices. It’s not a spending cap; it’s worse.

  12. gabfly says:

    Just wanted to say, BigLiberty, that I really appreciate your post. We should get on the liberals, especially, because they are the ones pushing the socialwork state. Rather than worrying about scaling down the military industrial complex or the prison industrial complex by, for example, at the very least ending the federal prosecution of Californians who are using marijuana for medical purposes, they keep pushing the horrors of the obesity epidemic. They’re good people, though, we must remember, because they only want to help us. Such jokes only expose their underlying hatred.

  13. Rachel says:

    You should take a look at Al Franken’s book “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.” The title alone says it all, but I think there’s some 35 fat jokes in the first half of the book alone.

    I used to watch Olbermann, but he’s gotten very petty and whiny. I much prefer Rachel Maddow now instead. Olbermann can still make me laugh and I still think his written pieces are top notch, but it seems like he focuses way too much on non-issues in his show and his jokes have lost their luster.

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