BigLiberty on the Michael Graham Show!

This morning I was on the Michael Graham show as a call-in, talking about Deval Patrick’s new plan to funnel $300,000 to employers to encourage employees to lose weight.

Here’s the basic transcript of my argument:

Regardless of how you believe being fat affects health and healthcare costs, the problem is not with fat people, or people with cancer, or women, or whatever group arguably costs “more,” but with a system whose costs are so bloated by regulation and state requirements that people are desperate and infuriated that they’ve starting pointing fingers at whoever is the scapegoat du jour?

Plus, who’s going to pay for the weight loss plans? Those aren’t free. And they don’t work well – that’s why the weight loss industry rakes in so much cash, about 60 billion a year. There has been NO weight loss plan shown to work for the majority of participants five years out.

I will get you the full transcript, and link to hear it for yourself, if I’m lucky enough for it to be put up as a podcast later in the week.

This show is listened to by thousands of people. I was glad to get my view heard, and Michael was extremely receptive to it.

We’re making a difference. Just keep on keeping on!


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