UK Readers – Sign fat parental rights petition

richie79, a regular poster on the Big Fat Blog messageboards and a commenter here, has successfully created a petition to win back parental rights for fat people. I’ve quoted his post below, where he describes the petition and provides the link. Please help him out, and get your UK friends to sign, too!

I’ve never used the No.10 Downing Street petition system for anything, but the case of the Halls in Leeds got me thinking about whether I could turn this system (which based on searches for the O-word is most often used by bigots to campaign for stripping fat people of various rights) to our advantage.

Lo and behold the powers-that-be have approved my petition to repeal / ban any laws, guidelines and policies which deny fat people the same adoption, reproductive and parenting rights that are enjoyed by those who happen to be thin. The blurb focuses on adoption (grrr to 1000-character limits!) but the title is intended to be non-specific and covers Social Services policies for taking fat children into care and the blanket ban on IVF for women whose BMI is over 30.

If you’re in the UK (or an overseas expatriate) you can add your ‘signature’ to the petition to ‘ensure the right to family life’ for our fat brothers and sisters. I’m not under any illusions that it will make much difference, but 200 signatures normally generates a full-page response from the Prime Minister’s office – that alone would make an interesting read!

It’s open for six months (until July 22nd) and you can use an alias or pseudonym to sign provided you supply a valid UK address (which won’t be displayed). That data isn’t held by the British Government but in encrypted form by the politically neutral charity which administers the site.

One comment on “UK Readers – Sign fat parental rights petition

  1. richie79 says:

    Thank you BL for posting this – it would certainly send the Government’s lifestyle police a firm message if we were to attract the 200 sigs needed for an official No.10 response…

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