Jay Severin Rails Against MA Anti-Obesity Laws

Jay Severin of 96.9 FM WTKK has been outspoken against the state of Massachusetts and its new anti-obesity campaign put forth by Governor Deval Patrick (D).

Though Jay’s personal views on obesity aren’t fat-friendly by any means, Jay illustrates that one does not have to think well of obesity to fight for the right of individuals not to have their civil rights eroded or taken away entirely because of how much they weigh.

The best political friends of fat people are libertarians, and others who believe in a hard and low limit to government size and power.

You don’t have to be in Massachusetts to listen to Jay. He’s on 3pm – 7pm EST every weekday. Listen online at wtkk.com.

Michael Graham of WTKK has also spoken out for body autonomy and against these intrusive new regulations. Here’s a great quote from his recent blog post (though I don’t agree that “kids eat too much and exercise too little, the point is sound), “Massachusetts: The Fat is in Our Heads“:

Does anyone think the overweight children of the Commonwealth will drop so much as a Whoopee Pie–much less a pound–from Patrick’s efforts? Of course not. Patrick will talk, legislators will vote, taxpayers will foot the bill…and our kids will still eat too much and exercise too little.

Meanwhile, as I write in the Boston Herald today, there’s a very simple action Beacon Hill could take today that would have an immediate, positive impact on our kids. Allow more charter schools.  But Gov. Patrick won’t. Even though a new study proves charter schools outperform everything else, our politicians oppose their expansion to serve more kids.

Fat people, libertarians are the only party out there that doesn’t think we should “do something” about obesity. It’s time to get back to our roots, and embrace libertarianism with gusto, as a vehicle to protect our civil rights.

EDIT: Just to reiterate, I do *not* agree with Jay Severin’s personal attitude regarding fat, especially fat women. In fact, just about five minutes ago he said that shockingly thin models were good role models for women and that our society was very sadly becoming more accepting of fat “bottoms” on women. He also said that he spoke for all men. lol!

3 comments on “Jay Severin Rails Against MA Anti-Obesity Laws

  1. gabfly says:

    This is the greatest blog around! I agree with you entirely that the state now wants to get into every aspect of our lives. Thus, “fat acceptance” types, who want to convince social workers, medical doctors, and bureaucrats that we too can be healthy really are missing the point. The state should get out of our lives, and I won’t feel any better if they decide that we’re healthy and leave us alone, only to persecute others deemed unhealthy.

    I do want to say that I’ve had some problems with organized libertarian parties, however, because they seem to close their eyes to the abuses of transnational corporations and to transnational associations like the International Trade Association (?). What are we going to do when these corporations — and capitalism itself — overextends itself, inhibiting our liberty? What about corporations that choose to fire fat employees or corporations that refuse to offer them insurance to cover their medical expenses? Places like Russia show how truly oppressive corporations can become, with many younger women having to have their tubes-tied in order even to get hired. Do we need government, then, to balance the power of these transnational corporations?

  2. vesta44 says:

    Jay Severin thinks he speaks for all men? He obviously hasn’t talked to my husband, who, when he sees ultra-thin models on TV, says they’re too thin for him, that boning them would be like boning a skeleton. He prefers women with a little more meat on their bones, so I know of at least one man for whom JS doesn’t speak.
    And government is getting more and more involved in our health, at the state and the federal level. If/when they manage to mandate electronic medical records, we just as well kiss our rights to our bodies good-bye. Sandy at JFS has been posting about this for a while. It scares the hell out of me, because there will be no way to opt out of having your medical records recorded or shared with whoever the governments wants to share them with.

  3. richie79 says:

    Jay Severin thinks he speaks for all men? He obviously hasn’t talked to my husband, who, when he sees ultra-thin models on TV, says they’re too thin for him, that boning them would be like boning a skeleton.

    As another fellow who falls into that category I’m pretty certain that it’s a way of for those men who identify as ‘masculine’ to marginalise others for their preferences and thus reinforce the power of their brand of partiarchy. There are quite a lot of parallels between the ridicule of so-called fat admirers and open homophobia since both are intended to promote the exclusive ‘normality’ of conventional masculinity, but I should probably leave it to someone better versed in gender studies than I to explain them. To me Severin isn’t claiming to speak for all men, he’s claiming to speak for all NORMAL men; an important distinction.

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