Dissent is Patriotic.

…and, starting noon today, I will be a proud dissenter.

Happy Inauguration Day, everyone, especially proud dissenters who remain skeptical, though skepticism is extremely unpopular right now (and might even get you called a very special kind of bad name).

The best thing about America is its support for the marketplace of ideas, where two opposite opinions can be voiced with equal right. I will be exercising my right to dissent in about a half an hour. 🙂



2 comments on “Dissent is Patriotic.

  1. oatmealactivist says:

    Kudos. Dissent is patriotic. Always. Skepticism is a virtue. Always.

    Let’s not forget the challenge to both these ideas the last administration mounted. Obamamania still has nothing on the “You’re either with or you’re against us” mentality of the Bushies.

  2. Pet~ says:

    Yes, dissent is patriotic. I don’t think that the lack of popularity for skepticism is less a desire to squash it and more a desire to just have a day, at least ONE day, of JOY. Most of the Obamamaniacs are thinking people at their core, and they’ll come back to that core before long.

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