A Healthist Holiday Carol

A Healthist Holiday Carol

by BigLiberty at bigliberty.wordpress.com

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke,

I gulp naught but Diet Coke.

I run marathons with glee

(and I’m on my seventh knee).

Who needs love? Who needs art?

Or diplomas? A la carte?

There’s no time to get those things,

when I’m running, running rings!

On a hamster wheel I sweat,

hoping hard abs I will get.

Minutes, days, weeks slip away,

Sweating two hours a day.

Take a class? Volunteer?

How then — gasp! — shall I appear?

Fat and lazy, always sitting,

I might take up — crafts, or knitting!

I might paint, or sew, or write;

perhaps learn to cook, I might

volunteer to help children.

How would I look, then, to the men?

They wouldn’t see me sweat and bounce,

or weigh my food, ounce by ounce —

my scale would cover up with dust.

No, skinny jeans, to wear, I must!

If (or what) I think can’t matter,

I must fear all dough and batter.

Poetry, art, love, must wait,

until I’ve zipped up that size eight.

Another language I won’t learn,

another of life’s leaves won’t turn,

a new job, talent, skill, or thought,

will waste until my body’s “hot.”


One comment on “A Healthist Holiday Carol

  1. deeleigh says:

    Love it!

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