JunkfoodScience off the Fatosphere

…so if you want to stay updated on Sandy’s GREAT posts (each a gem) on JunkfoodScience, please subscribe to The Fat Liberation feed, which will carry Sandy (one of the foundations of the fat liberation movement, and one of the strongest myth-busters the movement has ever seen), until the sun burns out, or idiots stop hating fat people (whichever comes soonest).

Some of JFS’s best posts since was removed from the objective, unbiased, united, diverse, and intersectional Fatosphere:

1. Science by press release squared — Can children’s books really eradicate childhood obesity?

2. The first Law of Thermodynamics in real life

3. Healthcare on the government

4. How’s that working? (on how the MA mandated-insurance plan, similar to the Obama plan, has failed, failed, failed. Not exactly in agreement with hopes and dreams of some of the Fatosphere bloggers)

EDIT: As such, Big Liberty no longer supports the Fatosphere as a community (though there are some individual bloggers on the Fatosphere we still support). The Fatsophere feed will be removed from the Big Liberty front page. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

EDIT 2: According to Linsday, Sandy herself asked to be removed. If this is true (I don’t have any verification of this from the source), then I applaud Sandy for making such a wise choice. It made my skin crawl to see her thoughtful, well-researched, objective posts followed in the feed by the latest spin in support of far-liberal ideology (again, not all bloggers posted such, but some of the most prominent on the feed did).

EDIT 3: Some of the statements in this post have been edited for accuracy (as well as the title). Apparently the Fatosphere did not drop JunkfoodScience (I believed it did, since I was dropped due to my politics). However, it is still important to outline WHY JFS is no longer on the Fatosphere feed. Would it have remained if the Fatosphere hadn’t gravitated so sharply left? What does the removal of JFS mean to the future of the Fatosphere feed, given her gigantic role in the movement?