I’m bad at being succinct…

…but thank the Lords of Kobol there is someone out there who is brilliantly succinct:

[SP is] (Mostly) educated white middle class women in hot competition to see who can flagellate themselves with their various privileges the hardest and/or fastest to prove how right-on they are. So help me, if I hear one more word about fucking knapsacks I swear I will deck somebody.

gives anonymous poster a standing ovation

I have something to add, however — not only self-flagellating, but painfully condescending as they deign to enlighten the crowd with kindergarten knowledge about how people who are “different” than whatever the accepted norm is can be often ostracized or treated differently. Pass the juice, and get off my carpet square. Oh yeah, and getcher hands out of my knapsack!

Do these individuals, who have hijacked the term “Progressive,” honestly believe they’re liberal, compassionate, broad-minded human beings, as they hand out the Scarlet Letters to anyone who has legitimate (and there are many) differences of political opinion, at the same time engaging in blatant populism, encouraging their sycophantic followers to rip apart anyone who dares to disagree with a syllable or two of their dogma?

Lol, ur doin it rong!


4 comments on “I’m bad at being succinct…

  1. Julia says:

    Hi BL,
    I’d like to be removed from the FL feed, please. I don’t think I fit in here.

  2. BigLiberty says:

    Sure thing. Just as an FYI though, for anyone who wants to be removed/added in the future, I prefer an email (please click on the “Fat Liberation feed” tab).

  3. anniemcphee says:

    But that wouldn’t be as much fun as a flounce-n-go.

  4. Julia says:

    I looked on the main page for an email address; it was dumb of me not to look under the Fat Liberation feed page for contact info. Sorry about that.

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