Welcome Babblebits, Coffee Catholic, and FA 101 to the Fat Liberation feed!

Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce someone most of you know — Lindsay and her wonderful Babblebits blog — and someone you likely don’t, Coffee Catholic at Ave Maria Gratia Plena — to the Fat Liberation feed!

In the spirit of including more political voices less in line with Fatosphere voices (and because she writes wonderfully), I made the decision to put on Ave Maria Gratia Plena. Coffee Catholic’s blog is a mixture of fat liberation and Catholic issues, as all our blogs are fair mixtures of fat liberation and other issues. In the Fat Liberation feed “manifesto,” I make the important point that people who talk about issues other than fat liberation, especially politically charged issues, shouldn’t be excluded.

Also, of course, extend a warm welcome to Lindsay at Babblebits! Lindsay is a long time commenter on this blog and other fat liberation blogs, and should have been added sooner (I dropped the ball on that one). She also has a Fatosphere search engine, and a FA 101 blog, which has also been added to the Fat Liberation feed.


2 comments on “Welcome Babblebits, Coffee Catholic, and FA 101 to the Fat Liberation feed!

  1. integgy says:

    Yay, I’m quite excited that you’d added Coffee Catholic and Babblebits to the feed, because now, I can just go visit whenever they update, rather than having to go into my bookmarks and check every day. 🙂

  2. Yay! Thanks again for adding me to the feed, and thanks even more for the linkage. 😀

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