Hello all,

I just wanted to mention that I’ll be taking an indefinite hiatus from this blog. I’ll still be reading the FL/Fatosphere feeds, and keeping up the FL feed in case others want to join, etc. But I’ll be on much less often, and might miss some things.

An ex-boyfriend of mine once asked me, “If everything was right with the world and there was no fight to fight, what would you do?”

I answered, “Write. Sing. Learn.”

“Then do it,” he replied.

It’s time for me to write, sing, and learn. I will be checking in periodically, hopefully posting here and there (very infrequently). If you need me, please email me at big dot liberty at gmail dot com.



EDIT: Since I’m on hiatus, there’s also been a change to the comment policy. Now all comments will go to the moderation queue to be approved before they appear on the site.