Ode to Joy

I love Joy Nash. Seriously. I mean, maybe it’s because we have the same body type, or maybe it’s because she reminds me of what I once wanted to do — act in, write, and produce films of my own. Maybe she reminds me of WHY I didn’t go into the film industry — because I was constantly told that I was *too tall* to act, *too fat* to act, and would never gain any ground in the industry.

Well, there you have it. Guess all those theatre academies and praise from improv instructors doesn’t matter for squat.

But mostly, I think it’s because Joy is an unafraid artistic genius. And fear, as all artists know — mostly fear of rejection, or misunderstanding, or mockery — can drive artistry into a deep, dark little hole where you engage in it only privately, and fear displaying your art publicly. Joy is unafraid. And because of that, I reserve the highest praise I can give to her.

At any rate, here are Joy’s films. She’s so wonderful. As I commented on her latest, they really should be required watching in the body image section of middle-school health classes.

A Fat Rant.

Fat Rant 2: Confessions of the Compulsive

Fat Rant 3: Staircase Wit

2 comments on “Ode to Joy

  1. anniemcphee says:

    I really love the fat rants (and I’m glad to see she’s got a third – now I know what she was doing with all those comeback lines she was asking for! Good idea!) And in this one I really like the way she dealt with the children 🙂 That was perfect.

  2. violetyoshi says:

    It would be nice if Joy’s videos were part of the body image class in middle schools. However, that would interfere with their current OMG ObEeSiTy!! curriculum.

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