Google Image Meme, BL-style

So Sarah posted this Google Image Meme post, and I thought I’d join in the fun! The rules are simple. Google Image Search the answers to the questions below. Then you much choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.

1. Age at next birthday:

2. A place you’d like to travel:

3. Your favorite place:

4. Your favorite object:

5. Your favorite food:

6. Your favorite animal:

7. Your favorite color:

8. Town where you were born:

9. Town where you live:

10. Name of a past pet:

11. First name of a past love:

12. Best friend’s nickname:

13. Your screen/nickname:

14. Your first name:

15. Your middle name:

16. Your last name:

17. Bad habit of yours:

18. First job:

19. Name of grandmother:

20. College/grad major(s):

3 comments on “Google Image Meme, BL-style

  1. anniemcphee says:

    Now that’s just fun. I’m going to do it.

  2. violetyoshi says:

    The first job picture is so cute! I imagine, that was one of those children’s museums, where they have a toy store. I remember seeing one of those somewhere..hmm, maybe it was a children’s museum in Florida.

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