A Note of Thanks to Leonard Nimoy and Marilyn Wann

I just wanted to write a short note of thanks to Leonard Nimoy, the author/photographer of “The Full Body Project.” [and to Marilyn Wann for the wonderful interview!]

Why the thanks? It’s not just because you’re a brilliant artist who has exposed the beauty of a currently culturally vilified body-type; nor just because you showed compassion for your models’ humanity, beyond the recognition of their physical beauty.

I wanted to thank you, because my fiancé, upon reading your interview with Ms. Wann, has become impressed, at long last, with the social importance of fat acceptance. I believe you have made him question his own conception of beauty; it is his respect for the influence you’ve had throughout his entire life via your acting, art, and personality which has put into perspective this movement in which I’ve been participating since the New Year. Finally he is beginning to appreciate why I speak about it at such length, why I myth-bust commercials for him, why I make a point of talking to his teenage girls about positive body image.

He, a long-time proponent for civil rights, has gained respect for the serious underpinnings of the fat acceptance movement — and the credit goes to your interview, and the respect he has for your words.

We are purchasing your book, and I plan on keeping it visible in the home.


BigLiberty, and her appreciative fiancé

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