One step closer.

Thanks all who have been keeping up with my and my fiancee’s struggle for custody of his two minor children. I wanted to update you on what’s been happening in the last, whirlwind month.

His oldest, Dani, left her Mom’s house a few days after turning 18. Dani wanted to talk to her Dad about some schoolwork (a paper on gravitational lensing), and was on her cellphone at 930pm. Mom wanted Dani to hang up, saying it was “too late” and she (Dani) “needed her sleep” (FYI – no one else in the house was sleeping or was attempting to sleep). Mom had been drinking, and wouldn’t back down. Dani got fed up with Mom’s controlling, drunken behavior, and walked out of the house. Mom drove around the neighborhood looking forward (driving drunk, scaring the youngest, Tori, half to death) but didn’t find Dani.

Dani hasn’t been back. She’s been living with her Dad’s brother and sister-in-law ever since. Mom has made no effort to get in touch with Dani, blaming Dani for leaving “for no reason” and disowning Dani by taking down all her pictures in the home.

We discussed the issue with our lawyer, and several weeks later she was served the modification order and court summons. That day (this past Thursday) the kids left, and they haven’t been back. Tori is living with her sister at her aunt’s and uncle’s house, and Alex is living with his Dad and myself. We have a verbal agreement from Mom that the kids will be living with us until the court hearing, which is scheduled for May 27th.

We’re nervous. Though Mom has been crying perpetually and playing the “victim” for the kids (who don’t buy it), we hear through the grapevine she’s actually furious. We know she doesn’t have the money to fight an abuse case in court, especially considering the kids have told two mandated reporters what happened to their sister Dani (who was hit by her mother, and cut by a mirror broken by her mother) and what happened to them (Alex inadvertently cut by a glass broken by his mother, Tori emotionally terrorized and permanently “grounded” for nothing since she turned 14). However, she does have a father with very, very deep pockets, and if he helps her out she could draw the process out until we run out of money.

Of course, if that looks like it might be happening, we’ll simply report what she’s done to DSS. We don’t want the kids involved in the system, but that’s exactly what the system is for — protecting kids against controlling, abusive people, when the private system isn’t working.

It feels good to have the kids safe and sound from their mother. Mom is ostensibly going to AA at the order of Tori, who has really stood up for herself and her siblings in all this. She’s turned into a young woman overnight, a very assured, very well-spoken young woman. We got her out of her Mom’s house in the knick of time…

Thanks for reading. We’re not out of the woods yet, but I sincerely hope I can make a post on May 27th, in the evening, stating that the kids will be legally protected from their mother, once and for all.


2 comments on “One step closer.

  1. vesta44 says:

    Good luck and I hope you are successful in getting the kids. They need the stability and love you guys can give them. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  2. Bee says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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