“Brownies” are the enemy

So I was watching TV this morning, and saw the latest Playtex commercial.

At first, I actually thought it wasn’t that bad of a commercial. The women (though airbrushed to make their skin look scary porcelain-smooth, at the very least) seemed like they weren’t your typical underwear models, and I always enjoy a break from the Victoria Secret’s ‘Typical Male Fantasy’ 18″ waist and 40″ bust.

However, imagine my disappointment when I heard the following lines (made by the only woman who wasn’t thin) :

“You know, like when the muffin, and the top, and the bra…” (obviously bringing to mind Fattie McPatented Shoulder Flab)

“Gravity is no longer my enemy. But brownies are.”


Oh yeah, include the fattie mcfatties in your commercial, but make sure that they’re properly apologetic “good” fatties that are working towards getting into that smaller bra size! Because, yanno, who wants to think about “gravity” when you’re busy demonizing food and restricting?

PlayTex: We know youse womenz goodz. Weezah gonna connekt by bra-ing up a starvin McFatty. Now BUYZ OURZ STUF!

Am I overreacting by finding this fairly insulting?

2 comments on ““Brownies” are the enemy

  1. Bee says:

    No to overreacting, yes to insulting. Worst thing is that if you try to approach these folks, they’ll refer to some obscure survey claiming that this is what women say/experience/do/are like in real life etc. Alternately, they’ll just say that the ad was designed by women so it can’t be insulting to women. Gah.

  2. anniemcphee says:

    You’re damned right, it’s bad. Even when selling product to us, they CAN’T FUCKING RESIST! They can’t. They probably think they’re doing us a favor – it’s for our health, right?

    Bee, I think you have a good point. Real women DO say things like that all. the. time. What they don’t care to recognize or understand, is that that is what has been force-fed to us, and to them, nonstop for decades upon decades now, so of COURSE women say things like that. They don’t even recognize that if it weren’t for them and their ilk pushing it down our throats, we just might not say things like that.

    But, if they think Brownies should be my enemy, then frankly they (Playtex) are my enemy and they can damned well do without my money. I might have bought one of those bras, but they’ve ensured that I never will.

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