Follow-up (on Dr. King’s words and FA)

This started as a comment on the last post I made, but I figured it needed its own spot.

I sincerely hope everyone understood what I meant by this particular quote from my last post:

Debunking the idea that some Ugly, automatically inferior group, even exists, is a difficult task that hasn’t been taken up by most any of the previously oppressed groups, with the exception of people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—and his words have largely been spun by his successors to apply only to black people or only to racial relations, and not have the generality he originally intended.

Race relations is extremely important, and his words were born from that movement, and should necessarily accompany the movement in its modern struggle for rights.

However, I’ve heard—even by a few prominent civil rights activists—a bit of a sneer when anyone tries to apply Dr. King’s words to the plights of other oppressed groups. But they do apply, which is one of the real greatnesses of Dr. King, in that he advocated acceptance and equal rights—not glorification and special rights—much like what we’re doing now.

We don’t think we’re better than thin people, we don’t want thin people to suffer for the psychological and physical pain we’ve endured, simply because they enjoy—by no fault of their own, rather faulty thinking and scapegoatism by the culture—privileged status. We want to join hands with thin(ner) people (many of us are already married to them, have family members, or are thin people) and be treated as cultural equals.

As a brief qualification, there are some people who should suffer for the psychological and physical pain we’ve endured—but they’ll suffer in the form of plummeting profits and zero demand as the general public finally wakes up to the truth behind the Diet Farce. Politicians will suffer in the form of lower votes and anonymity as the public will no longer support a politician who stakes his career on getting the laws changed to make having a fat child abuse, or who pushes restrictive calorie school lunch programs and overzealous, socially embarrassing ‘wellness’ programs (since, yanno, fatties don’t know they’re fat, they must be told!).

The ‘obesity’ researchers who’ve been sucking from the teats of Lilly, Merck, &etc will suffer, as their grant money will dry up. The journalists and radio talk show hosts who expounded on fat with bigoted, hate-filled language will suffer as their readership and listener pools dwindle.

The problem isn’t thin people—it’s the culture, and the machines keeping some lies loud and truths unheard. Just like Dr. King stressed that the problem wasn’t white people—it was the culture.

Just thought I should clarify.

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