Shoring Up

When I was first reading the FA blogs, I read somewhere (possibly written by Rachel, fillyjonk, or meowser) that many people who come to FA from fat-bigoted cultures/families or eating-disordered pasts become angry when they learn just how far over their eyes the wool had been pulled, their whole lives.

It’s not just a matter of, “Oh, ha-ha, you got me!” Many people experience very real physical and psychological torture at the hands of fat bigotry (in its many forms). Whether it’s the pain, guilt, self-hate, elation, and accompanying regain-plummet of yo-yo dieting, being physically abused by school-children or family, or just being constantly bombarded with WW ads on the bus every morning, noon and evening, fat bigotry is practically common-place. Which means, of course, that it gets most of us, somehow. Which itself means when we find the house of bigotry is a house of cards we become very, very angry.

And I was. Perhaps I still am; I certainly am indignant at the thin-crazy/fat-invisible media, the vocal, unavoidable, and plentiful shills by Big Pharma and weight-loss industry members, the memories of the abuse I suffered, the constant reminders that fat people are second-class citizens in this country, the conventional wisdom fallacies about the connections between weight, health, the economy, global warming, &etc, &etc, ad infinitum.

But lately, I feel as if I’m quieting down a bit. I’m getting a much better sense of how to read and interpret the studies and literature; my baloney detector for such things has been honed. I feel as if I can absorb and understand a good deal more, and that’s what I’ve been doing: reading and absorbing, reading and absorbing. No longer reacting (as much); I’m a vessel, and I want to have as much knowledge, as much truth, as much ammunition, as possible.

Perhaps it’s a natural stage in the process of coming to terms with the truth behind a good deal of life lost to a lie. Maybe others can speak to this. But I’m more peaceful now, and very much enjoying ‘shoring up’ after a long spell of indignant anger.

3 comments on “Shoring Up

  1. violetyoshi says:

    When I first got involved with fat acceptance I felt the same way you did. I felt like I should tell anyone who even brought up the issue of fat in a negative way, that they were wrong and why. After awhile I realized you can’t help everyone see the light regarding this.

    There are the small victories. Seeing things like, someone talking about being sedentary as a cause of heart disease, rather than just obesity. More people understanding just how harmful and destructive it is to fall in to the thin is all way of thinking.

    It’s easy to feel like you’re just spinning your wheels over fat acceptance at times. I can tell though that people who support fat acceptance really are making a difference though. People are starting to listen. I think right now we’re in a plateau regarding fat acceptance.

    People are starting to understand how they’re being manipulated by the media in regards to their well being, but are not ready to let go of the idea of thin privelage. I also think generally people are just sick of hearing fat is bad day after day on TV, even if they want to believe it. Also there is more word getting out about how WLS is almost a guarenteed death sentence, if not a lifetime of suffering. Sure, ads like one by a bariatric surgery company where various fat people say, “Oh if I were thin..” bug me. I also can tell they’re a desperate attempt to get people to belive in WLS.

    Generally people want to be able just to live life. Hate takes alot of time and effort away from doing so. I think for the most part, only the really strong fat-haters will be left. Most people will think they’re a pathetic joke, cause they have to hang on to hating fat people cause that’s all they have, hatred of others.

    There are more studies out there saying that actually the opposite is true, thin people get sick more than fat people. So talk about backasswards reporting. The more actual science that gets out there, the more people will stop beliving mindlessly in obesity hysteria.

  2. Bee says:

    As much as I’m going to miss the wonderfully indignant Big Liberty, I’m truly happy that you’re finding a comfy and peaceful niche for yourself. To compensate for the great loss to the movement, however, I’ve recruited a new FA/HAES evangelist – the most vocal (yet to this date sadly blog-less) activist ever – my boyfriend :o)

  3. BigLiberty says:

    Violet, sometimes I do get tired of the constant conflict. It’s like pushing a brick wall, while you’re slipping in the mud at the same time.

    Bee, I ain’t goin’ nowheres! 😉 And hey, get your boyfriend to comment on blogs, even if he doesn’t have his own. FA would love to have him around, for sure 🙂 🙂 🙂

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