Massholians — stand up and be counted

Fellow Massholians, proud payers of the government of Taxachusetts, pahk your cahr and get to the wicked Statehouse to testify for your pissar fellow body-diverse Minutemen!

Details via Kate Harding, quotes from Marilyn Wann, and how to get in touch with Ms. Wann here.

And quotes from Paul Campos’ book The Obesity Myth, to inspire you:

“…Americans who would never dream of consciously allowing themselves to be disgusted by someone’s skin color, or religion, or social class, often feel no compunction about expressing the disgust elicited in them by the sight of people who weigh anything from a lot to a little more than our current absurdly restrictive ideal.” [p. xxiv]

“To the tens of millions of Americans who are being made miserable by the lies of the weight loss industry, and its mouthpieces in the medical and public health establishments, I would say this: Rejecting those lies requires nothing less than an act of personal and social revolt. And nothing less than a revolution is needed to overthrow America’s eating-disordered culture, with its loathing of the most minimal body diversity; its neurotic oscillation between guilt-ridden bingeing and anorexic self-starvation, and its pathological fear of food, pleasure, and life itself.”

Time to stand up and start the revolution.

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