Dangerous Waters – Part 1

Sometimes the hate is so virulent, it very much takes my breath away. I get scared, thinking of not only my safety, but the safety of my fat compatriots, and my future likely fat children.

These are examples where people hate fat people so much (for often different reasons, or no reason at all) they suggest fat people should be tortured, maimed, or killed, for the crime of being fat.

They were chillingly easy to find. Part 1’s site of this new series is angry.net.

I put in bold the parts where harm, torture, maiming, and killing of fat people is advocated.

Fat People – angry.net

These are quotes from within posts. Posters aren’t arranged by their order of posting on the site, i.e., I didn’t quote everyone, only the most violent (though they were all ignorant, hateful, disgusting, and appalling).

Poster 1:

Go ahead chew your way through a tower of cheeseburgers from McDonalds — in your parents’ basement at the age of 35 surrounded by a stack of moldy comic books. I hope you fuckers DIE of a premature heart attack from all that polyunsaturated fat you goofballs seem to like to ingest on a regular basis. For you imbeciles the drug of choice isn’t beer or pot, its MARGARINE. Go to your mommies and whine! Fuck you Harry of Ain’t It Cool and Bob from the DKE list. You could both stand to lose some weight. You can start by cutting off your fat ugly fearsomely misshapen heads.

Poster 2:

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH FAT PEOPLE!!!!?!?!!??! They whine and complain every day about how they want to be skinny, and they go crying to john walsh, oprah and maury so people can see their UGLY, FAT ASSES on TV. Who in the right mind would want to actually see their nasty fat fucking asses on TV!! I say FUCK YOU FATTIES! I HOPE YOU DIE IN THE FILTH YOU CREATED FOR YOURSELF.

Poster 3:

I am angry with these fat losers. They can’t control themselves. They say, “I need to go on a diet, and then they stuff their faces with greasy shit!” Then they wander why they can’t do a simple thing a fit and skinny person can do. We should send these fat losers on a deserted island somewhere where they can lose some weight and actually do some physical exercise.

Poster 4:

Something else about fat people eating are these ENORMOUS bastards who get winded getting up and WADDLING 15 feet to the buffet. Then waddle out to their handicapped parking spot. DIE FAT FUCKS YOU ALL STINK STINK STINK!

Poster 5:

Women have the worse manners in the world. They act like a bunch of homeless dogs when it comes to dinner time. The next on of you fucking cows that sticks their nasty hands all over my food will get harpooned!

Poster 6:

It was really bad we left a bar and he was drunk and he got in a fight with this shorter and leaner kid. He got his ass kicked the fat piece of shit and I was left there like what to do. The kid that kicked his ass was really hot. I could tell he looked really jacked too underneath his shirt and I bet he can fuck so much better. He ran off with his friends and i watched my fat BF struggle for breathe on the ground, and so I walked out on him. You’re on your own you fat weak person.

Poster 7:

Fat people piss me off to no end, because they are a blight on society. They inflict themselves on everyone else and attempt to draw pity from the healthy people around them. A fat woman that is “happy with how they look” should be slapped and brought down to the level they are at: Dirt.

In conclusion of this disjointed and rambling rant, fuck fat people. It would be beneficial for the world as a whole if they were just all tossed into a pit and used for energy / fuel for cars. The extra food could be sent where it is actually needed, and the money saved on gas and fat ass accommodations could be spent on more important things. Fucking leeches.

Very unnerving, but it needs to be shown. Please link to this post whenever someone claims that fat people aren’t violently hated (and there are people who claim that).


12 comments on “Dangerous Waters – Part 1

  1. Sandy says:

    Chances are those posts are just meant to be mean and that is all. This is the sad part though, someone will see that and take those posts to heart.

  2. Lindsay says:

    There is a saying that’s older than the internet: the drunk man says what the sober man keeps to himself. The implication, naturally, is that the sober man may well think the same things, but won’t say it out loud.

    I think that some people become drunk on the supposed anonymity of the internet, and then go online to say what they would otherwise keep to themselves. So the people who post things that are “just meant to be mean”? They may not say these things to your face, but i’m sure they’d still think them about you. They may never follow through on their threats, may never attempt to cause physical harm, but those feelings of hatred are still there.

    When someone feels that strongly about an issue, it comes through. Maybe not in overt and direct actions, but it comes through in tone, demeanor and inflection. It still creates the feeling of prejudice and discrimination.

  3. vesta44 says:

    What is so scary about voicing this kind of hatred is that the more they feel they can voice it anonymously on the internet, the more they may feel they can voice it in real life (riding in a car and throwing garbage at a fat person on a bike is mild compared to what they’re saying they want to happen to fat people). And it’s a short step from voicing that hatred to doing something with that hatred. The fact that our government and media are hyping how awful/sinful/unhealthy/expensive-to-the-health-care-system fat people supposedly are just adds fuel to their fire and lets them think they are getting tacit approval from the powers that be. People like that don’t see the objects of their hatred as human beings, they’re just that, objects to be vilified and destroyed so they don’t have to look at/deal with them. That is what’s truly frightening about that kind of venom.

  4. anamericanaries says:

    Extremely shocking, but no surprise to me. On a daily basis, I try not to worry about my safety. I assume that my classmates at school will be polite and helpful. I try not to think that they might be thinking these things about me. Because if I dwell on something like that, I’d never leave my house.

    And I have to keep telling myself that I didn’t get the job (I’ve been unemployed for a few months now) because I was fat. But deep down, I know that’s not true. My mom was raving to me that losing weight will be the BEST decision for my future – I’m studying medical billing, and it is assumed that fat people shouldn’t work in the medical field for the simple fact that we hold extra weight.

    I’m terribly conflicted.

  5. peggynature says:

    I like how the first one targets polyunsaturated fats — WTF? Ever heard of omega-3?

    Now, back to the topic at hand: yes, if anyone doubts there is very real hatred out there for fat people (and totally out of proportion to the measure of our supposed ‘offense,’ to think in bigot’s terms for a moment), this is a reality-check. And I like Lindsay’s point about the disinhibition effect of anonymity. I wonder how many people actually feel this way, but at least some bare net of decency holds them back. Those are the people we might have a chance of reaching.

    That said, I have to try very hard not to focus on this type of stuff, because it is utterly overwhelming and depressing. You can get to the point where you are convinced that the hatred is surrounding you, that you’re swimming in it and breathing it, even if you’re not actively experiencing it — and that can be paralyzing. It takes a hell of a lot of courage and fortitude to be aware of all this bullshit and still step out the front door every day. (Kind of like Patsy in the play “Little Murders.”)

  6. peggynature says:

    Oh, and anamericanaries, I am sorry you’re feeling so discouraged. I was afraid of the very same thing (I’m studying nutrition, and I’m quite visibly ‘morbidly obese’) when I began applying for hospital jobs. Maybe the environment in hospitals is somewhat different than what you’re looking for, but so far I have not found my weight to be the issue I was afraid it would be, especially in a field like nutrition. So, seriously, just keep trying. It can be a bitch to get your foot in the door initially, but don’t discourage yourself by assuming your weight is to blame. Looking for work sucks, and I’m convinced it’s (more often than not) just a gamble on random chance.

  7. BigLiberty says:

    Sandy, I hope that’s true (I guess), but from reading through that site, and the formatting, exclamations points, caps, stories from life, I have a feeling these fuckers are just simmering with hate on a daily basis, but the constraints of the semi-civilized public square keep them mum. The internet, however, provides the anonymity they crave. Heck, back in the day people used to go to KKK meetings to do that kind of ranting. Excuse me while I vomit.

    Lindsay, you hit the nail on the head. I also like the ‘for every one that speaks his/her mind, there are five hundred that are thinking it.’

    vesta, the garbage thing scares me. It really does. When I was ten, I rode my bike 8 miles from my dad’s house to my mom’s house. On the way, I was taking this really tough hill in pretty hilly country. This hill would have taxed a pro. I had to walk up the last half of it; and since I was a chubby little girl, that apparently made me a target. A group of teenage boys drove past, the windows rolled down, screaming, “Fatty! Oink! Moo!” and so forth. I never forgot it. I didn’t even stop to think about how cool it was that I’d ridden all that way on my own. I could only think of the names they called me, how humiliated they made me feel.

    anamericanaries, don’t lose weight for a job. How can the medical billing profession be adversely affected by being overweight, anyway? What, does the fat take over your brain and cause you not to bill people correctly? Give me an effing break. The one thing you *need* to do is stop standing for people telling you you need to change your body, and that you’re not good enough for a job, a career, happiness, a new swim suit, whatever, because of your weight. You know your body better than anyone. Do you really think that you’re pushing yourself beyond your natural setpoint range by binge eating disorder? If not, then you’re likely where your body wants you to be. 95%-98% of diets fail within five years, with 2/3rd’s failing within 2 years. I think you are who you are, and you need to accept it. And you need to stand up for yourself, and *stop taking shit from ignorant people, no matter how much you love and respect them*. It’s really hard, but it’s for your, and everyone else’s good. You get to live, and they have their ignorance eradicated. Win-win! Cheers, good luck, sweetie. 🙂

  8. dudetteabides says:

    This is…..so scary. What overcomes these people? While they’re ALL scary and disheartening and just plain INHUMAN, the very most disturbing to me was this one:

    “A fat woman that is “happy with how they look” should be slapped and brought down to the level they are at: Dirt.”

    Um, excuse me? This is the EPITOME of misogyny. Who in the HELL are you to force a woman to be attractive to YOU? This desperately makes me wish that anonymity were out the window, because I’m having some violent urges myself. Thank G-d I haven’t experienced anything particularly scarring or abusive since childhood. Shouldn’t it be scarier that the people who would have made fun of you for glasses or being ‘ugly’ as a kid would continue to do so, in very abusive ways, as an adult?

    Chills. :-/

  9. meowser says:

    FWIW, I work as a medical transcriptionist. I work at home but have also worked in hospitals. And I’m fat. (My present employer has never seen me — seriously, MT companies hire people remotely without ever laying eyes on them.)

    Trust me, plenty of fat people work in all areas of healthcare. I worked once for a fat pediatric ICU doctor who was brilliant. There are fat nurses everywhere. If there is demand for your skill set, the size of your ass will not matter. There are severe shortages in some places and they don’t care if you have five buttocks and ten heads — if they need you, they need you.

  10. anwenwenwenwen says:

    It’s scary, isn’t it?

    This week, a man was convicted of murdering two young women, and the attempted murder of another. There have been suggestions (I think from police sources) that he may have killed/raped/attempted to kill aronud 20 other women (mainly small, blonde teenagers) and he was extremely violent to at least one ex. It’s suspected that he might have killed a girl he was going out with when he was 12 and she was 14.

    The thing is, in the small number of reports I could bring myself to read, there were at least two ‘friends’ of his who had testified that he would say extremely hateful things about women, but presumably they never acted on it, because I guess they thought it was ‘just talk’. He used to try to chat girls up and if they turned him down, he would go after them with a hammer. A fvcking hammer. This was KNOWN, I mean, I can understand you can’t really go to the police because someone is talking about violent impulses (well, you could, but they wouldn’t be able to do anything) but going after women with a weapon? Yeah, I think you can tell the police that and expect action.


  11. meowser says:

    Yeah, it’s tempting to say, “It’s all talk, it’s just some anonymous cowards in their parents’ basements.” And the vast majority of them probably are exactly that and are actually scared to death of us in real life and thus will not ever pose a physical danger to us. (That guy who wants me to be “slapped and brought down”? I’ll bet right now I outweigh him substantially.)

    But all it takes is one. And that’s what’s scary.

  12. […] Please link to this post whenever someone claims that fat people aren’t violently hated (and there… […]

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