Fox Outrage – Britney Spears

Now, I’m pretty tired of hearing people pick on and/or obsess about Britney Spears. For god’s sake, I’ve known my share of young women who have similar issues, and they aren’t that few and far in between. To hear the media report on her, you’d think she was the first young woman to be duped by a man, rebel against parental control, lose custody of her children, and fall into some bad habits.

Fox News, this morning, really took the effing cake with the jeers and sneers. One of the anchorwomen I’ve pegged with being most fat-biased (gets little comments in all the time) provided “commentary” for a picture which was a “now” then “in ten years from now” image, provided Britney keep up her “bad habits.”

If anyone can find this picture, please link it to me! I want to show it here, just for reference.

At any rate, the first image is a pretty bad pic of Ms. Spears, and then the second pic has her – in my estimation – looking happier and healthier, ten years later. The kicker to them, of course, was that she was fat.

As soon as the image was put up the anchors emitted various forms of, “Ugh!” The blonde woman anchor snorted and said, in a very Thinperior tone, “Well, if *I* were her, I’d lay off that fast food, get on a diet and start exercising right away.”

Yeah, I bet you would. Because even though the image was supposed to progress how she’d “look in ten years if she keeps up her bad habits,” including her self-flagellation in the form of drugs and alcohol, naw, OMG NASTY FATTT! she should just “get on a diet” and poof! her problems would be solved. Nothing about her going to therapy, or taking parenting classes (even though this is really none of the anchors’ business, anyway). Nope, since she was NASTY FAT! in her “after” photo, she should “get on a diet.”

Given her mental health struggles, Britney is going to have a tough time getting to 35, lady. Especially with pinheads like you cackling at her and ignoring her real issues, which have nothing to do with weight.

Argh, argh, argh. And “Mike” of the Mike and Juliet show is her co-anchor, joining in on the “Ews” when her picture was shown. Just to let everyone know, though I’m sure we were aware of the depth of his ignorance at this point.

EDIT: This is the photo in question (thanks, Lindsay!) –


Looks like all the photoshopper did was to change her hair and add some weight. Yep, so what if Ms. Spears has severe personal issues that need to be addressed (with no help needed from the press, IMO) so that she can be happy and healthy in order to actually reach 35…OMG, TEH FATZ! TEH FATZ!

11 comments on “Fox Outrage – Britney Spears

  1. mrsmillur says:

    That image?

  2. BigLiberty says:

    Hi Mrs.,

    That’s not the particular one they showed (they didn’t show her full body, just her profile), but it could have been. That’s basically the same thing they were “ew”-ing over. Sigh. Right on the news, right in the hearing range of teenage girls getting ready for school…I can’t stand that female news anchor, I really can’t. I need to find her name and so forth: I think she’s going to go on some “haters” list. Know thine enemy, and so forth.

  3. mrsmillur says:

    Imagine, a 35 year old woman not having the body of a 17 year old girl.

  4. BigLiberty says:

    I know, in this day and age of available cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, liposuction, personal trainers and Splenda? People have no business not looking like 12 year-old sylphs for the duration of their lives. Who cares if if the struggle to do so mutilates or kills them, it’s for their health, by god!

  5. BigLiberty says:

    Yep, that’s the one. Thanks, Lindsay!

  6. fever2tell says:

    Um yeah, with all the problems Brit has like mental illness and drug abuse… she really needs to focus on not being such a fatty! Obviously what she looks like is the most important thing anyways and if she laid off the donuts it would magically improve her life!




    Don’t they even know that’s not even news in the first place?


  7. Sandy says:

    They need to leave that poor girl alone. The least of her worries is being “fat”. She has some kind of mental issue and has had a breakdown. Of course her body is going to suffer for it in many many ways…and my god she has had 2 kids. Not everyone can just go back to being a size 2 after that without me I know…my son stretched out my belly skin to no end!

    either way, her issues have nothing to do with her being fat…or eating fast food…or anything else. Her issues are totally mental (not to mention the people around her that are trying to keep her that way) and until she gets the help she needs she will continue to be in a downward spiral. She would be so much better off being FAT and mentally healthy so she can be a mom to her kids (they are the victims here, too) than trying to be skinny and keep destroying herself.

  8. shinobi42 says:

    Wow……. I didn’t even recognize her. Why one earth would you threaten her with what’s going to happen in 10 years? shouldn’t they be focusing on what is wrong with her now. Poor girl.

    Stupid Fox.

  9. idpia says:

    No surprise that Fox News Personalities are both crass AND ignorant. I don’t suppose it ever occured to those two journalistic mental giants that the physical changes they find so disgusting might be the result of side effects from medication and not diet or lifestyle.
    Don’t get me wrong folks, as I’m in total agreement about her weight not being the problem, so please hear me out.
    My older sister was diagnosed as being bi-polar when she was a teenager. One of the drugs that was prescribed was Melarill (sic:spelling?). It basically turned her into a puffy, drooling zombie. She gained something like 20lb.’s practically overnight. It wasn’t kind to her normally good complexion either.
    My point? This falls under the category of Extreme Personal Crisis and any DECENT person would know to back the fuck off from the girl so she has a hope of getter better. Unfortunately, I suspect Fox News and other sleazey news programs are still gunning for her in hopes of an Anna Nicole ratings repeat.

    PS: It probably wouldn’t hurt to email Fox News telling them you are deleting them from your VCR/cable box channel line up because they’re a hater’s paradise.

  10. […] to Big Liberty, a Fox News anchor displayed a photo of Spears “now” and then “10 years from […]

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