What the Hell?? Fat Quiz

Go to the place easiest for, say, a twelve-year-old girl to find: http://fat-quiz.com

Description of the fat quiz: Are You Fat?

Here’s the text:

Am I Fat? Is that something that you ask yourself? If so, it’s probably because you are fat, or you have an eating disorder. If you feel fat and you look fat you likely are overweight, obese or very out of shape. The only way to stop asking yourself if you are fat is to get psychological help for your eating disorder or start exercising and eating right. There is no secret quick fix to your fatness.

The best way to truly determine if you are fat is to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI will tell you your body fat percentage. This is the amount of you body that is made up of fat. A high percentage of fat indicates a fatty body and a lower percentage indicates a less fatty body.

Why do I get the sinking, ugly sensation that this is the kind of thing middle-school catty cliques force their members to take, posting their results on their MySpace and Facebook pages?

Ugh. What lies. Parents, please tell your daughters they’re beautiful and that if they think they’re fat, it’s much more likely they have a disordered body image, regardless of ‘being fat’ (which, in this day and age, means that you have any adipose tissue on your body whatsoever) or no.

Where do I start? I think the “start exercising and eating right.” directly before “There is no secret quick fix to your fatness.” is indicative of the mental age of whomever created and/or promotes this site.

The quiz itself isn’t any better. I see some standard “GROSS FAT PPL OMG YUK” pictures; they start with “When you look down, what do you see? a) A big fat gut, b) a front bottom, c) my toes…” and in the middle pretty much just asks you for your height and weight, which means it’s a really, really cruel (bullshit) BMI calculator. One of the questions even asks if your build is “big boned, skinny, large…” etc! Wow, that’s real scientific. I guess one is ‘fat’ if one thinks she’s fat? Ah, the circle of self-loathing is complete.

Wow, at the end they want all my personal information! Huh, let me make something up…hmm, doesn’t look like I can (they want my email address, fuck that!). Ah, well. I’m sure they were going to say something brilliant about how I was Fatty McFattie Jr, Esquire McFat III.

By the way, in the privacy policy:

The WorldOfQuizzes.com may sell any information supplied by a visitor, and it may in conjunction with other businesses (including providers of direct marketing services and applications, including lookup and reference, data enhancement, suppression and validation) use that information to bring you selected retail opportunities. The WorldOfQuizzes.com may also disclose information provided by a visitor where WorldOfQuizzes.com has reason to suspect that its website or services are being used in a manner which may contravene local laws, or which in the opinion of the WorldOfQuizzes.com is inappropriate.

This place looks like bad news all around. ::Shudder::

For those who want to complain, please send an indignant letter/email to:

The Are You Fat Quiz
210-852 Fort St.
Victoria BC

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