Congratulations to Joanne Borgella…don’t EVER give up on your singing…

joanne borgella

…because you’re afraid of size discrimination.

Girl, I gave up my dream of singing because I didn’t think anyone would cast a 6′ 0″, 220 lb girl in a main singing part of, well, anything. I didn’t think I would have a chance to be a soloist, since even most classical singers aren’t supposed to be fat.

You give the rest of us hope, and other girls of size who are budding singers the dream back of one day being up on the stage, in the spotlight.

Joanne Borgella is, of course, the plus-sized model who has made it into the Top 24 of this season’s American Idol. She mentioned to the judges, while sitting ‘upstairs’ next to another contestant and waiting to hear her results, that she gave up singing for a while since she’d been consistently told by people in the media that she had to lose weight to have a serious chance at getting famous.

The judges seemed stunned to hear this. Was it just me, or did they look like deer in headlights? Was it that they were ashamed, because they knew, for the most part, what the industry professionals has told Joanne was correct, or because they were amazed a beautiful girl who was obviously extremely talented would be written off so completely because of her weight?

Being in the American Idol Top 24, she went on, would give her a reason to continue with her singing. They told her that she had made it.

Joanne, you are beautiful, and my fiancee and I are going to be cheering you on the whole way. We love you Joanne, and we love your voice. Don’t let the neurotic, panicked, ignorant fattists EVER say you shouldn’t be up there, that somehow being plus-sized means you’re too ‘big’ for the spotlight. Because, like with everyone else, they’re DEAD WRONG.

Joanne’s professional site

Joanne’s initial Idol audition

EDIT: Please ignore the hateful “Related searches” on this tag. It’s likely they’re coming from the YouTube sites, which is notorious for fattist comments. They’re insulting, but I’m going to keep the link up as an illustration of what kind of fattist hate is acceptable and even encouraged in this day and age, especially amongst the younger generation, who has heard about the “Obesity Epidemic” nearly their whole lives.


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