Mississippi bill *not* primarily about racism

 Referencing the bill to keep obese people out of Mississippi eating establishments, currently being considered by the legislature of that state.

It has been mentioned by commentators in the-F-word.org, bigfatblog.com, and kateharding.net that the Mississippi bill has, as its primary goal (with the subterfuge of going after fat people), of reinstating racial segregation since African-Americans and other minority groups have a disproportionate amount of obese members.

We need to keep our eye on the ball, here. This is first a fat-hating bill, with secondary consequences to other historically oppressed groups. While those secondary consequences can’t be ignored and should in fact be explored by the right groups, the very fact that this kind of bill gets even a *millisecond* of consideration by a state legislature, while a bill replacing “obese” with “African-American” would not, signifies the bigger battle here is to stop the growing trend of making fat people acceptable scapegoats for all of society’s ills.

Fighting the last vestiges of racism is a worthy cause. But we are FA activists and need to make sure that our protests have, at the forefront, the eradication of fat hate and fat ignorance. The consequences will be to free some historically oppressed groups from further oppression based on their fat (even if ‘fat’ is just an excuse), as well as freeing the rest of us who are reasonably new to oppression.


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