Kids being malnourished in Florida schools

A post concerning this article, posted on JunkFood Science:

Brain food for kids: Having enough to eat

Efforts to address childhood obesity by lowering fat and calories in school lunch programs are having unintended consequences. A nutrition audit of school children in Florida found that growing youngsters were being underfed and short on vital calories. Some officials whose lunch programs have been flagged for underfeeding children have suggested that since there are still fat children, they must be eating too much and the nutritional guidelines should instead be changed to even greater reductions in fat and calories.

Since a study found that these schoolchildren were eating fewer calories than federally suggesting – from 100 – 200+ fewer – and yet schoolchildren were still fat, the school suggested that the federal government — wait for it — lower its suggested caloric intake for schoolchildren.

Uh, hmm. I thought that the suggestions were based on, I dunno, science. What Florida schools are discovering is that people can take in the same amount of calories a day and be different sizes. Wow, surprise! We’ve known that for a while. Good thing Florida schools are finally catching up with reality. Bad thing that they’re still missing the forest for the trees.

First Mississippi wants to bar fat people from eating at restaurants, and now Florida schools want federally-mandated malnourishment so that they can starve fat children skinny.

Yeah, I just love where this is all leading.

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