“Lock-in” the Fatty Fat Fats

I have been reading the article on Junkfood Science here: Children hungry to lose weight

One of the recommendations of “Hungry for Success” is so-called “lock-ins” of high school students during lunch-time, so they can’t leave the campus (and get that fatty fat fat McDonald’s food which is obviously CAUZING TEH FATZ THINK CHILDREN OMG).

This is just one of the many problems with this article. Its main thrust, of course, is the implementation of a Food Police to monitor what you eat and turn food choices into moral choices (especially in their pressure on expecting mothers, who we all know are vulnerable to doom-and-gloom language, desiring their babies to be as healthy as possible).

Another example of what I’ll just call “Fat Capitalism;” my firm belief is that no less than free-market capitalism is necessary to end the oppression of fat people. Why? Because the tools of mass <i>political</i> oppression are precisely the tools a powerful, centralized government possesses. It doesn’t matter if they don’t use those tools against the unpopular segments of society this generation, because with those tools in their possession, all it takes is the political ‘tide’ to turn, and generally unpopular groups turn into scapegoats.

Tools that centralized governments currently use against their unpopular fat groups: government-mandated healthcare programs (“You make everyone else’s premiums go up, fatty, because of your fat. Therefore, I can force you to diet.”), public education (“Your kids are in our schools and we provide the food and recreation. Hence, we can force your children to take more hours of gym than academics, go to mandated after-school concentration-camp nutrition/starvation programs, and lock them into the school during lunch so they don’t get fatty-fat-fat”), adoption and child services (“You’re too fat to adopt/keep your child.”), and more to be added later.

I will expound upon “Fat Capitalism” more in a future post. To become free, one must live in a society that allows us to make free choices about our own bodies. Too bad that “Pro-Choice” will soon only apply to abortions, since all our other body choices will be taken away from us.

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