“Wow, you wear it really well!”

Isn’t it funny how other people’s weight issues shine through when they’re kindly trying to apologize for yours?

My latest trip to the doctor’s office – a physical, about three months ago – began with the ‘dreaded’ scale routine. I put ‘dreaded’ in single quotes because it is not so dreaded by me now. See, four months prior to that I kicked the vestiges of my eating disorder and moved into fat health, and couldn’t be happier with it.

The nurse that weighed me was the typical sort – placed the bar 100 lbs lighter than I was. What kind of nurse thinks a six foot tall woman should weigh under 150, anyway? Especially not with my beautiful ‘junk in the trunk.’ 😉 So she eventually slides it up to 250, (I was feeling morbidly amused at her thinly veiled surprise), and my final weight was (I think, I haven’t really obsessed about it like I would have just a year ago) 255.

Shocked, she splutters, “Wow, you wear it really well!”

“Yeah, I guess I do,” I reply. The eating disordered apologist that still lurks deep within rose to the surface. “My whole family looks like this. It’s just the way we are.”

“Huh,” replies Ms. Ignorant T. Emptyheaded, writing the number down (I’m assuming the main information passed to the doctor shall be, of course, the three most important health-indicators: Name, Age, Weight.

Considering how important weight is these days – indicator of health, personality (self-control, ambition, and willpower), and intelligence, I should really just write my weight next to my name and age on all important forms. All sarcasm aside, why do I get the chilling sensation that that is exactly what I’m going to be doing if universal healthcare gets passed on a national level?

That number…is me. Is not me. Is me. Is NOT me. IS ME.

Me or no, it’s certainly none of anyone else’s concern.

…not with private health insurance. But when others, referencing junk science (‘others’ includes judges and lawmakers), claim that the very act of my existence puts some kind of tax on the rest of humanity?

The possibilities are endlessly frightening.

2 comments on ““Wow, you wear it really well!”

  1. lillian64 says:

    I feel the same way when I’m weighed by a nurse. They don’t comment but I can see them saying it to themselves.

  2. BigLiberty says:

    I’ve gotten the Surprised Look before, too, when mentioning how much I weighed to friends. I don’t know if they thought it was courteous to assume the arbitrary number on the scale was lower, or what. It’s just a number, people—it doesn’t define who I am. 😛

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